Death by Painting-a Humorous Family Story to Celebrate Mother’s Day! — 13 Comments

  1. My grandson, age 3 then, was peering over my shoulder as I was making sandwiches. He said “I hear you don’t spread it well”….as I put mayonaise on the bread! His parents quickly started yacking….afraid I was offended. I was not…just laughed and said I know that is so true…..I never did put much mayo on, and he had heard his parents talk about that!

  2. Irene, I can see you started out a rebel! And a writer too.

  3. Well, Lyn, I don’t have any sons who did cute things, and I don’t know any funny stories. The only story I could think of was the time and, only time, either of my parents “laid a hand on me.” Of course, I was a model child and didn’t need to be spanked. 🙂 When I was about 8 years old, I was writing on the white weathboarding of our farm house with a red crayon. Dad “hollered” at me to stop. I did! However, I went around on the opposite side of the house and continued my writing. That came to a sudden halt, however, when Dad sneaked up behind me and swatted my rear with his big hand. It hurt, too! The punishment was effective, however, because I’ve never written on the outside of a house from that day to this.

  4. Fun story, Lyn! Your son sounds like a typical boy (I’ve had enough nephews to know).

  5. My family was from Baltimore as well, and my maternal grandmother of German stock. Limburger cheese, however, was not the problem. My gran always warned that, should she die unexpectedly, my Mom should check for that second crab cake doggie bagged home from the restaurant.

  6. Read the Grandma Fastbinder and loved it. She must have been quite a lady, and a fun person. Love her creative style in carrying the cheese. She must have had quite a hat, lol. Will remember this story and the one regarding your son. A fun family for sure.

  7. Kathy, how do they do this stuff??
    My son was just like that. I kept crayons, etc out of reach. so what did he write on the walls with? A raw carrot!

  8. There are so many humorous family stories that I have, especially those concerning my son Robert. My oldest son Robert was a very active child. When he was two years old we lived in an apartment in a suburb of Minneapolis. I briefly ran down the hallway to get my mail. In the meantime, he had bolt locked the door. To this day I don’t know how he did it.
    He had also in the span of the time I was gone had spilled a half of a canister of flour all over my shag carpeting in the hallway. He realized that he had made a mess of it and obviously had seen me use water to clean things so that’s what he did. He poured water with the flour making the most awful glue you ever have seen. It took me many months to get it out of the carpet. Oh, and I never did leave him alone for even a minute again. He’s 29 now and a father of a newborn. I just wonder what tricky things his little one will do when he’s old enough!

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