Chapter Fourteen Scene 4 La Belle Christiane — 6 Comments

  1. I think in the Bible Jesus said to the ones that were going to stone the woman that was having sex outside of marriage, for the ones that had no sin to come forward and throw the first stone, and as I recall no one came forward and Jesus told her to go and sin no more. So we all have come short but Jesus forgives and what if someone in one of your books sins Jesus forgives. I love you books Lyn

  2. Thanks, Margie. Christiane will find what she’s seeking and the major too!

  3. I am also sticking with Christiane…like her, I’ve come too far to turn back now! I know that as sure as there is sin, there is a Savior who offers redemption. Christiane is a young girl who was raised in a background that few ever experience…there has to be much confusion in her young mind as to what is and is not proper. I’m sure that there is much good in store for her yet!!!

  4. Thanks, Kimberly. Yes, Christiane’s journey to the truth will take more time. She is trying to do this all her on her own strength. She doesn’t know the Lord and is not depending on his spirit yet.

  5. Sin is sin, none worse then any other, none unforgivable, and Christiane is not a Christian. I want to know where the story goes, what brings about her conversion, and if she’ll ever get back to the Continental Army and the Washingtons. So, yes, I’m sticking with it.

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