Debut Author Mary Moore & Brave and Faithful Women — 12 Comments

  1. I am a librarian in Kentucky and wasn’t familiar with your name but this blog entry has convinced me that we need to add you to our collection. Best wishes and much success.

  2. Oh, goodness this book sounds really good. I’m gonna guess that Lady Nicole’s disability is that she has scars on her body from something that happened to her and she does not feel that she can be loved.

  3. sorry about that…hit something that I shouldn’t have :0) !

    I was saying the book was officially released today. I know you know how it feels. Thanks for commenting and the good wishes.

    Judi, you are right about that…I feel like I haven’t really sat down and just read a book in months. And they keep piling up because I still have to
    have them! Hope you enjoy The Aristocrat’s Lady!

    Thanks, Carla. I know you know how it feels to get that first one under your belt, then getting moving on the next one. I appreciate your visit.

    Barbara, thank you! I appreciate the kind and encouraging words. The story premise is a little different, but as long as it’s a Regency, I’m happy!
    LI did such an awesome job on the cover…I think somehow they got inside my head! I would love it if you would review it…just let me know when you do so I can smile or hide! Thanks for your encouragement to a fledgling!

    Janet, thanks! I really hope people like it!

    Susan, that is a very good guess, maybe it’s that instead of polio :0) ! Hopefully, you guys will go past the awesome cover and like what is inside.

    Paula – thanks so much. You know it is just such a different kind of blog and I was so thankful to be able to celebrate my “Mamaw” and my mother. It was one I really wanted to do. Thanks for the encouraging words!

    Ladies, please forgive the “group” comment…I had to work today so couldn’t get to each one as they came in. But they are all appreciated so much!

    In Him,

  4. Wow ladies, thank you for all of your comments!

    Sheila – Yay-congrats to your sister for being cancer free especially after the many instances…that definitely takes God’s grace and I’m glad for you both. Good guess about Nicole’s infirmity…you might be right! I love the FHL loop-uplifting and answers to prayers.

    Linda, thanks. Today is an exciting day for me, the book was officially re

  5. Hi Mary, congrats on your first book, it sure sounds like a great story. From reading what this story is about it sounds like you will be a very good author, I will be looking for your book to read.
    Thanks for sharing your story with Lyn and your readers.
    Paula O(

  6. Congratulations on your debut, Mary. The storyline definitely sounds intriguing. I would guess maybe the heroine cannot have children?

    The cover is superb! Love the colors.

    Best of luck!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  7. Mary:
    I am absolutely intrigued witht he premise of your new book. Congratulations on your debut. I am so proud of you for that as I know what an accomplishment that is.

    Your book sounds like it will be a story that is difficult (if not impossible) to set down. Your setting is truly one that I believe draws many women because most of us are intrigued with the “romatic” era. In fact, that is all I read when I was in highschool.

    The cover of your book is beautiful and will attract many readers. I will continued to monitor your progress and hope that you are planning to make this a series because I will most likely read every one of them.

    I will review your books on my website as well as on Amazon and Harlequin as well.

    Good luck to you as you continue (what I suspect) your passion for telling a great story.


  8. I will never get caught up on reading books as long as you authors keep putting out such intriguing books! And Mary’s book definitely looks like another great read to me.

  9. Thank you, Mary, for sharing the strength both you and the women in your life have shown in battling cancer. My sister has battled cancer with first breast then uterine, thyroid and colon. They each came at her one year after the other. She had surgery every year for four years but now has been cancer free for the past four years. Her faith in God never waivers. She is my example of strength and courage.

    I love your story line. The cover and title of your book are great too. I think maybe the heroine has polio. What an exciting day for you with your book coming out today.

    God bless you with success. From your fellow FHL chapter member, Shelia

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