I Remember Mama (Book Giveaway) — 2 Comments

  1. I was an only child, but my mother raised to have dignity and respect for myself and others. She was always there for me, from the time I was an infant until today. I know everyone always says they have the best mother in the world. Well I actually do. At the age of 74, she is always there for me. My own daughter now 24 still plays basketball with my mother, at the concrete on in front of the garage. My daughter, now expecting her own child shortly, will become the next generation of mothers. I pray I will always be as good of a mother as my mother, and my daughter will carry on in her footsteps to be a great mother also!

  2. My mother and I were different in many ways. Now that I look back though maybe it was because of all the responsibilities she had that made us different. I was very emotional and lived in a fantasy world with my books. She raised 6 kids (my dad was there but didn’t help) single handedly, cooked, drove us everywhere, took care of those of us with health problems, and sold vegetables, milk and eggs on the side to raise extra money. I realize now that she was just worn out. She did in her sleep on Christmas Eve 2005. I know that God has rewarded her for her faithfulness.

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