Author Nancy Mehl & Running Toward the Roar

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My guest today is author Nancy Mehl who writes Mennonite romance and mysteries–a good combo! Nancy is offering a copy of her book so be sure to leave a comment to enter the drawing.  Here’s Nancy:

A Common Mistake

“In my newest book, Unforeseeable, the third book in my “Road to Kingdom” series, my main character, Callie Hoffman, realizes that rather than dealing with her hurtful past, she’s locked her pain behind an emotional door. Now as a young woman, that choice is causing her problems and may even cost her the man she loves. I created Callie this way because I felt this is a common mistake many people make. It seems to be even more prevalent in women.

Why would women be affected more than men? Women are usually the primary caregiver, whether the care is being given to children or to elderly parents. When we don’t have time to “deal with our mess” we sometimes put it off until “later.” Unfortunately, sometimes later never comes and the “mess” just becomes “messier.”

The Wrong Thing to Do

I’ve dealt with this same problem myself and have learned several things from my mistakes. As one Christian teacher says, “Feelings buried alive never die.” What that means is that ignoring pain doesn’t make it go away. It just burrows down inside, causing us to react to it in ways we don’t understand. We may take it out on others or allow it to paint a picture in our minds of ourselves that is destructive and harmful. I’ve watched different women react to childhood trauma in different ways. One path leads to freedom and the other one can stop life in its tracks. The choice comes to this: Will you seek healing and deliverance from God? Will you allow Him to open old wounds so they can be cleansed and healed? Or will you become a victim, never fully experiencing the joy that God has for you?

To purchase, click here. Unforeseeable (Road to Kingdom Book #3)

Through the urging of a friend, Callie finally begins to face the truth. Realizing that many of the choices she’s made came from wrong motivations, she decides to confront the past and start searching for the life God has for her. It may sound easy, but it isn’t. Many times we’ve allowed others to shape our destiny out of fear or insecurity. Breaking those chains can be difficult.

I pray over every book I write, and my prayer for Unforeseeable is that it will not only provide an entertaining story, but it will also touch readers who may identify with Callie.

No Teeth

I heard a story once about lions. Sometimes the pack will send out the oldest lion to face their prey. This elderly lion can’t run and has lost most of his teeth. But when the old lion roars, their quarry turns and runs, not knowing he could easily escape the lion in front of him. Unfortunately, the young, strong lions are hiding in the trees, and the hapless victim runs straight into their trap. The lesson is this: If we run toward the roar, we will find that our enemy has no teeth. But when we turn and run away, we will be defeated. Real bravery isn’t always facing down a lion. Many times, it’s simply facing ourselves.”–Nancy

Wow, Nancy,  I never heard that about lions. What a great analogy for us and fear. QUESTION: Do you recall a time when you didn’t want to face something? What happened? Have you ever discovered a secret years later and wondered why no one told you?–Lyn

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16 Responses to Author Nancy Mehl & Running Toward the Roar

  1. Michelle Prince Morgan says:

    Great book. Love your work Nancy.

  2. Love these books. Way up on my to read list.

  3. Rachael Merritt says:

    I TOTALLY loved the first book in this series, and is an so looking forward to reading this one as well. Love the style of writing!

  4. Nancy Mehl says:

    Contacted by Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto who is having trouble posting. Here is what she wanted to say:

    Oh, I am trying so hard to post and they are not posting. I will try once more. Amish is my favorite genre but I have not read any Mennonite books but it would be so interesting to compare and add mystery to that and that makes it all the better. I have done a lot of genealogical research in the Mennonite church records of West Prussia so this really piques my interest greatly!

  5. Sonja Nishimoto says:

    Oh, I am trying so hard to post and they are not posting. I will try once more. Amish is my favorite genre but I have not read any Mennonite books but it would be so interesting to compare and add mystery to that and that makes it all the better. I have done a lot of genealogical research in the Mennonite church records of West Prussia so this really piques my interest greatly!

  6. Vicki Marney says:

    I had never heard that about the lion either. Having just been in South Africa and seeing the beautiful lions there, makes this even more interesting to me. I have had a very fortunate life without much of a chance to need to run to the roar–probably the closest I have had to this situation was in 1994 when I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. And I guess that running to the roar, is a pretty good description of running into the roar of surgery, chemo, and all that went with it. Now, almost 20 years later, and still cancer free is a pretty good indication of how God met my needs when I ran to the roar. Thanks for this analogy Nancy. No need to enter me in the contest, since I already won the book in another giveaway and have read & reviewed it. It was a wonderful fiale to your trilogy.

  7. Nancy Mehl says:

    Thanks for the comment, Cheryl.

  8. Cheryl Baranski says:

    Love your books Nancy! Love you analogy about the lions.
    Will have to start going head on at my problems instead of hiding from them.
    Cheryl B

  9. Sonja Nishimoto says:

    Wow, this book sounds fascinating. I have read lots of Amish books, but no Mennonite. It would be interesting to compare them. Mystery is always a great addition, especially for my favorite reading genres. I Would love to read this. Great looking cover! Locking away pain is a hard thing to deal with and I would love to see how this turns out!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    I’m so glad I saw the link on Facebook to this article. As always, Nancy speaks truth to a hungry soul. Bless you, Nancy Mehl, for always sharing so completely of yourself.

  11. Mary L. Gessner says:

    I was impressed with this interview. Not only did Nancy’s analogy of the lion and running to the roar instead of from it deeply touch me personally, but I believe it perfectly describes a lesson many of us need to learn. This book has multple layers profound wisdom, if one just looks for them. I can’t recommend this book enough…actually the entire Kingdom series.

  12. JoJo Sutis says:

    Great post! Love Nancy! As to Lyn’s question…it’s really hard to face those icky situations we just want to run away from, but often our fears really are bigger in our minds than in real life. With Gods grace, we’ll get through:)

  13. Nancy Mehl says:

    Thank you, Barb. That means a lot to me. :)

  14. Nancy Mehl says:

    Thanks, Chris. And the same to you. :)

  15. chris granville says:

    Wonderful analogy about the lion
    Please have a wonderful God-filled Christmas

  16. Barb Lange says:

    Nancy, you blessed so much with this book. I encourage all my friends and family to read this note and eventually the book that can and will change you if you run to the roar!