Mystery Author Eunice Loecher & Her New Adventure! — 15 Comments

  1. I echo so many of these posts. I too have had many times of testing but know that God is sovereign. AND as Lyn knows I love a good mystery!!! Write on!!

  2. I look forward to reading The Widow’s Might. We have been summer residents in Minocqua for over 40 years and I imagine I will recognize the places you describe.

  3. This reply is for Valerie. My senior non-technicalness has invaded the blog, moving things around. Sorry Lyn.

  4. That’s why I enjoy writing, to escape. It’s a place where I actually have a little control. I say a little control because my character tend to be bossy, especially Zinnia. If I’m having a bad day I can always go and visit with Zita and Zinnia.

    I love Arbor Vitae…oops Arbor Vale, Wisconsin. I’m actually planning to cook a roast this year for Beef-O-Rama. I’ve always wanted to be in the main street parade of Beef.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Please accept my sympathy. I have a recently widowed friend and she refers to this time in her life as the “New Normal”. I claim every Bible verse about widows and orphans as I adjust daily to my NEW NORMAL.

    Sending a hug, Eunice

  6. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you. The first time we met, I tracked you down after a book-signing in Minocqua to sign a book for me. The second time we went to Eagle River shopping with Lyn. The last time was on the pontoon boat ride. I’d better stop, I sound like a stalker.

    I’ve enjoyed your books very much.

  7. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed you wonderful books for years. You’ve been a blessing.

  8. Thank you. I woke up feeling sad on Father’s Day until I realized I had the most wonderful Father to praise and celebrate everyday. He will never leave me or forsake me.

  9. Thank you for your kind words. I hope Zita and Zinnia will keep me entertained for many years to come.

  10. I’m always looking for a good read for that momentary escape from the craziness of life and love reading books set in locations of familiarity. It’s time for a new book with intrigue!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful read, Eunice. I wish you the best of blessings in your writing career. You’re an impressive, courageous woman. I can’t wait to hear more of God’s message through you!

  12. Wow–this really sounds like a fun read, and cozy mysteries are my absolute favorite! I can’t wait to try the first book.

  13. I am thrilled to hear about your new release, Eunice. I’m sure it is a wonderful book!

    I was so delighted to have a chance to meet you several years ago, but I had no idea of the challenges you have faced, or your level of true courage. What an amazing woman you are! I can’t even imagine what it was like to shoulder all of those difficulties and be able to move forward with such grace.

    Wishing you every blessing, great success with your new book, and hoping to have the chance to see you again sometime!
    Roxanne Rustand

  14. You sound just like me, Eunice – only even stronger. It’s a pleasure to “meet” you this way. Any friend of Lyn Cote’s is bound to be wonderful. Oh, wait, that’s me, too!!! I’m just getting my feet back under me after my husband’s passing and while reading your story my mouth hung open. Praise the Lord for your dedication and strength in those times and always.

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