Time to Express yourselves! And How to Leave a Comment! — 12 Comments

  1. You do a great job with your blog, Lyn! I do check it out sometimes, just don’t post a comment very frequently. My order would be: 2-1-3-4. I absolutely love the cover of The Baby Bequest!

  2. 2-1-3-4 my preferences
    love your blog and comment from time to time…
    thanks for listing some things we should be more aware of on our blogs..
    mine is small but have fun with it and do book reviews a lot..

    Paula O

  3. I love your blog. It’s great inspiration for me to read.
    The order of importance to me is 2 1 3 4.
    Keep up the great work on this blog, I do look forward to it.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, Lyn. I’m with you on the ranking. I would like to hear your review on some cozy mysteries you’ve been reading. I prefer romance, but a mystery is good every now and then. Thank you for the work and talent you bring to us.
    Barbara Thompson

  5. Lyn, I look forward to your posts, whether you have a giveaway or not! They are interesting and I especially enjoy when you have new authors for us to get to know! Speaking of that, who won Belle’s book? I was looking around your blog and couldn’t find if you announced the winner and couldn’t find anything. Did you announce a winner? Anyway, I’m looking forward to your new book. I loved the first book in this series so I’m sure the next one will be great too! The characters were great! Will the new book have the previous characters in it also? I always enjoy that! Keep on doing what you are doing with your blog!

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