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My guest today is author Camy Tang who has written for Love Inspired Suspense and for other publishers. She is one of my favorite people to share a meal with at a conference. BECAUSE SHE’S FUN! I love her perky smile and great sense of humor. Camy is going to tell us about her latest suspense series and one of her charities & a book giveaway. So here’s Camy:

“In my humorous romantic suspense novel, Protection for Hire, one of the main settings is Wings domestic abuse shelter. My heroine, Tessa, is driven to champion women, and I naturally wanted her to work with women who needed her help. I didn’t want to use a real San Francisco shelter for my book for various reasons, so I created Wings but based it loosely off of a real women’s shelter in San Jose called Heritage Home.Heritage Home is a shelter for pregnant women run by CityTeam Ministries, and they provide shelter, training, and spiritual encouragement for homeless pregnant women. They’re run out of a glorious Victorian house in downtown San Jose, which is maintained by volunteers and donations, and which provides a real atmosphere of “home” for women who are at some of the darkest points in their lives.

I’ve donated to Heritage Home and also taken a tour, meeting some of the staff and some of the women. Their stories and their courage was the seed that made me write about Tessa, her client Elizabeth, and Wings domestic shelter in Protection for Hire. Since I made Wings a domestic abuse shelter, it’s a bit more secretive than Heritage Home, and I gave Wings a rather hefty security team, which made for some fun scenes in both Protection for Hire and the opening scene of A Dangerous Stage.

To purchase, click here A Dangerous Stage (Protection for Hire)

You can find Heritage Home on the web here:


I also hope you’ll enjoy my Protection for Hire series! You can find out all about the series on my website here:

Today I’m giving away a copy of A Dangerous Stage!

Answer this question: What particular ministry do you donate to, and why? What about them tugs at your heartstrings? I’ll announce a winner via random number generator on February 4th.

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Patti Gellner won Linda Goodnight’s book and LIsa won Mary Moore’s. CONGRATULATIONS!



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22 Responses to Author Camy Tang & Protection for Hire

  1. Karen Funk says:

    This book sounds great, Camy. I have helped with a local veteran’s home, a place where homeless vet’s can live and look for jobs, etc. I also give to Samaritan’s Purse through their shoebox minitry. I love a humorous book – they drive my husband crazy when I get to laughing…Then he asks, “what? What’s so funny?”
    Thanks for the good reads.

  2. bn100 says:

    the Red Cross because they help a lot of people


  3. Elaine Wilson says:

    My family donates to Ratanak International. They do a much needed work in Cambodia. What tugs at my heartstrings is a particular part of their ministry which is to try to keep young children safe from sex trafficking and help to rehabilitate those who have been rescued from the sex trade.

    • Camy Tang says:

      That sounds a lot like Zoe International, which tries to rescue children from the sex slave trade in Thailand. I love Zoe so much that I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my Love Inspired Suspense novels!

  4. I donate to Voice of the Martyrs. I started doing it after reading about Asia Bibi in Pakistan. I also do Operation Christmas Child and donate my time to the library.

  5. Valarie McCoy says:

    I love St. Jude. Cancer is hard and it kills me to see kids go through that.

  6. StrongWomen says:

    Thanks for being my guest, Camy. And thanks for all the great comments!

  7. Jasmine A. says:

    To be honest much of my time is donated to the library because I love to help people read. It’s nice to put a book in the hands of child learning to read or an older person who doesn’t get out of their home very often.
    I also like to donate to Samaritan’s Purse. They are doing so many good things all over the world and also in our own country, they go wherever there is a need.
    Jasmine A.

  8. Camy Tang says:

    Thanks so much for having me here, Lyn! It was nice to be able to blog about Heritage Home!

  9. Andrew T. Kuligowski says:

    I am partial to wildlife and nature-based causes, but I usually vary who gets the money rather than consistently donating to one particular organization each year.
    OK, we do acknowledge St. Jude’s Children’s hospital each year, and Toys for Tots.
    I donate my time to the Florida Aquarium.

    • Camy Tang says:

      That’s a good idea to vary who gets the money! That way you can support several different places you believe in. That’s so awesome you volunteer at the Florida Aquarium, too! That must be fun and rewarding.

  10. Cindi Altman says:

    I donate regularly to my church who in turn donates to our missionaries and our local city rescue mission. I give to my church out of desire to do as the bible requests and because our church donates to the rescue mission, they save me a step. I also donate to the Salvation Army which also helps to feed and clothe the needy.
    When I feel the tug on my heartstrings, I pray about it and donate accordingly.

  11. MelodyJ says:

    Ronald McDonald House because they help kids. They make it easy to donate even a small amount.

    • Camy Tang says:

      Totally! Love Inspired author Allie Pleiter told me about how much they appreciated Ronald McDonald House when their son was in the hospital.

  12. We donate to the Alzheimer’s Association consistently. I have always had a heart for Alzheimers since I can remember and when we were told my Grandfather had it, it truly became a part of our lives.