Amish Author Marta Perry & Home By Dark

My guest today is my dear friend Marta Perry, who writes such great Amish stories, many with suspense. Her upcoming new release Home by Dark combines both. She is offering two copies of this book for two people who leave comments. Here’s Marta:

“Perhaps you know a woman like the one I’m thinking of…a woman who stays in the background, seldom drawing attention to herself, but performing quiet acts of love and grace toward others. I’m not going to mention her name, because she wouldn’t like that, but when I think of the Christian woman I want to be, I think of her.

Every church has one, I think. She’s the person who’s often found in the kitchen, doing the dishes after a church supper. She’s the one who knows all the children of the church by name. She takes the time to clip out newspaper articles about their triumphs, sending them to the child with a note of congratulations. She never lets a birthday go by without a greeting and never fails to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those she knows. But she is at her best in times of trouble. Those who are struggling with illness or grief are inevitably cheered by a simple note or card from her, often containing a passage of scripture or a small cross, and always the words, I’m praying for you.

We often celebrate, and rightly so, the public triumphs of women. The election of a woman to high office makes all of us proud. The achievement of a female scientist or astronaut gives young girls someone to emulate, and that’s as it should be. Still, I fear that sometimes we are in danger of ignoring the simple human gifts of kindness and generosity performed by the women like my friend. Not that she minds that, not at all. She wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight. But I wouldn’t want to be without the love she brings to my world.

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The protagonist of my latest book, Home By Dark, is a woman of quiet strength. Born Amish, Rachel has lived in the English world for a number of years before she comes home to the small village where she was raised, looking for a refuge for herself and her young daughter. But she finds that safety and security can’t be taken for granted no matter where she lives, and she must call upon her courage and strength to protect her younger brother, her child, and herself from a danger that threatens all of them.

Home By Dark will be available from HQN Books on December 18th, and I’ll be happy to send copies to two people who comment on this question:”–Marta

If you had a fabulous gift to give, who would you give it to? And what would the fabulous gift be? Marta, thanks for being my guest.–Lyn


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26 Responses to Amish Author Marta Perry & Home By Dark

  1. Tabitha says:

    Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners… I ran around the room for ten minutes shouting I won!!!! Made my day! My husband is also happy because I’m happy! Thank you again

  2. Judy Morris says:

    I would share it with my sister-in-law cause she was the one that introduced me to your books. So fair I have enjoyed the one I’m ready now “Danger in Plain Sight”.

  3. I think the most fabulous gift I have to give to others is the gift of my love and my time. I like to try to give each away every day in many ways. Rhonda

  4. Susan Fryman says:

    The gift of salvation to anyone who wasn’t saved. If that one doesn’t count it would be the gift of health to all my friends who are suffering. Blessings.

  5. Jasmine A. says:

    First I have enjoyed every one of Marta’s books that I have read so far, my favorites being The Brotherhood Of The Raven series.

    I think I would give my gift to my Grandpa and my gift would be my time and ears to listen. My Grandpa had a stroke last year and time is even more precious.

  6. Nancee says:

    Thank you for featuring one of my favorite authors. Marta is so talented. The most fabulous gifts I can offer are free – prayer, my time, love and a listening ear.

  7. Hmmmmm, my idea of a fabulous gift has changed in the last 8 years of being a missionary in poverty areas of Mexico and Nicaragua. The gift I would give would be hugs and kisses – they give me those so easily, I want the freedom to give them in the U.S.

  8. StrongWomen says:

    Such lovely sentiments!

  9. Donna Armstrong says:

    I think the most fabulous gift would be the gift of love and kindness. I give it to everyone.Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Tabitha says:

    if i had a fabulous gift to give i would give it to my husband. I love him with all my heart and he is going back to school at a later age so we can have a good future. He works hard to get straight A’s and will do big and little things for me because he loves me. He never does anything for himself. He is even trying to write me an Amish romance novel! I would give him tickets to go see jeopardy live cause that’s his favorite show!

  11. Karen Gervais says:

    Love reading Marta Perry’s Amish books. I think the fabulous gifts to give is the ones you make yourself. The receiver really appreciates the time and effort you put into it. Since I sew, I have made many things for family and friends that they enjoyed.
    Thank you for the giveaway.


  12. Judith Grober says:

    My sister is one of those”behind the scenes “women.She”s had to slow down a bit since back surgery a few months ago,but still does what she can.
    we are both book lovers! I would love to win a copy of “Home by Dark’.All of your suspense books I have read were very absorbing! I haven’t been able to solve any of them,either!I have to wait until the end of the book.

  13. Irene Brand says:

    I looked around in our home to see a fabulous gift or an unusual gift of one kind or another. We’ve lived in this house for 45+ years, and although there are only two of us, we’ve accumulated a lot of STUFF. We have several paintings, which we value. One of the most unusual perhaps hangs in our living room. It’s the copy of a painting of a Confederate general, John McCausland, who lived in our community. His descendants still live here. The original painting was made by Sam McCausland,his grandson a talented young artist, who died at a very early age. He gave us a print of the original.

  14. Judy Burgi says:

    In my opinion books are fabulous gifts. I have given plenty away to family, FB friends, and my church friends. I plan to keep on giving them away!
    I would be thrilled to win a copy of Home By Dark. I love Marta’s books! Don’t you just love the cover of this book?

  15. Karen Schulz says:

    My fabulous gift isn’t necessarily tangible or in physical form. I would like to give to those who are lonely, alone, estranged, miserable, suffering, the chance to go back and to do things over again with the benefits of knowledge and experience they didn’t have at the original time. So many people are feeling ignored and overlooked, myself included sometimes, and it isn’t necessary. We need to accept the caring that is out there, and return it wholeheartedly. Sharing love will always make things better.

    I would love to win a copy of Home By Dark, especially as I am one of the behind-the-scenes people. My fondest wish as a child was to be invisible, so people wouldn’t look at me! Some things we just don’t outgrow.

  16. Lois Richer says:

    LOVE Marty’s writing! (Don’t put me down to win ’cause I’ve already ordered this one. 🙂
    If I had a fabulous gift, I’d give it to a little girl I know in a cancer care ward. The gift would be an afternoon of skating–she wants to be a world class figure skater.

  17. Katie J. says:

    I think a handmade gift is a fabulous gift and comes from the heart. I have a quilt that my grandma made for me as a graduation gift. Someday when I have children I plan on passing the quilt down to them. Thank you for the giveaway, I love Marta Perry’s writing.

  18. Terri Clark says:

    I would have to say I would always give the gift of friendship as friends in life are very important. Thank you for a chance to receive a copy of this book.

  19. Megan Parsons says:

    I agree with amyc that the best gifts are heirlooms or handmade gifts that come from the heart. My mother in law gave me her wedding ring from her husband who passed away and I will be giving it to my daughter when she gets older! makeighleekyleigh at

  20. amyc says:

    I think a fabulous gift is something that more handmade or heirloom. Such as, a quilt my grandmother made. I would give it to my brother.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  21. Donna says:

    It’s the ones behind the scenes that make every thing better. Love the cover And it sounds like a great story

  22. I love Marta’s books! I have the while Amish set, too. It’s up to 7!
    Anyway, don’t put me down to win because I want to leave that for someone else. I don’t mind buying a copy one bit.

  23. Maria thomas says:

    I would make a log cabin quilt for family members to keep them warm an they can snuggle even tho I can’t see them often.

  24. Melissa L. says:

    I love the behind the scenes woman. I have known many. I like when someone takes the time to acknowledge this woman even though they are embarrased by this. racky (at) carolina (dot) rr (dot) com