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  1. Ah, mothers! We nearly lost my mom during the months that Hannah’s mom was dying. God took Hannah’s home, but mine, at 95, is with us yet. A story from Mother’s early life illustrates how moms reach across generations to influence future generations. Possibly her earliest memory, Mother was wrapped with her own mom in a buffalo robe in the backseat of an open touring car in November 1920 when she was only two and a half. “We’ve just been to town to elect Warren Harding as President of the United States,” she recalls her mother–my grandmother–saying. This was the first national election in which women were allowed to vote.

  2. In the past week or so I finished a Love Inspired novel by Lyn Cote. I really enjoyed the novel. Reading it made me want to read another and another Love Inspired novel. Had forgotten about this group here on Goodreads. I would like to read Keeping Faith by Hannah Alexander. I love Historical fiction. I also love to read about women during those times who didn’t find it easy to practice medicine or couldn’t get an education. I also love mysteries and cozies. So knowing there is a murder or murders in Keeping Faith really makes me anxious to read it. Plus, but not least of all I like a good romance. This novel, written by Hannah Alexander, has it all. Thanks for entering me in the contest.

  3. I have been following the wonderful husband/wife writing team of Hannah Alexander books since the Healing Touch series back in 2003. I was so thrilled when Love Inspired added her to their fabulous list of authors.
    It was nice to hear about Hannah’s mother during WWII and the Great Depression. I was a late baby and my parents also lived in that time period. The only fear I remember my mother having was of snakes..a fear that I always thought was a very intelligent fear to have! 🙂

    Like the other ladies who posted, I LOVE the cover.. .so very lovely… and the book would be going on my reading list even if I didn’t already automatically read all books by Hannah Alexander.

    Thanks Lyn for the entertaining interviews you always post. If it is not too late for the drawing, please add my name.

  4. First of all, I. LOVE. THE. COVER! It is so sweet! It sounds like a great book, and I would love to win it!

    Our shared weak spot is housecleaning. I don’t like to do it! I would rather read, or do anything else!

  5. Hi Lyn. Thanks for introducing another author that i didn’t know. I’m sure mother must have had weak spots but to me she was always a strong woman. She was married at 16 and married in the 20s, and had 8 children.
    She married in 1921 and went through depressions, dust bowl days, and did her laundry with washtubs and rubboards, cooked on a wood stove, worked by lamplight, hung cllothes on the line outdoors in hot or cold weather after starching those things needing it and a never ending ironing. She traveled with her family in wagons where ever we went. No complaining, like I do. Yes , I think she was strong. And, in her faith. One of my weaknesses has been talking a lot and maybe not listening enough. And, I worry(or think) that I could have been more patient with my children. I would love to win this book. Your mom sounds like a strong lady who was a helper in women’s rights. Please put my name in. MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  6. Girls, I have so many more weak spots than my mother did. I would probably say I was another weak spot for her, though. I never forgot I was the light of her life, and I never felt unloved. If that’s a weak spot, then so be it. I’ll take that any day. Did she do everything for me? NO. That was one of her strengths. She wanted to build character in me. I hope when the end comes, she’s not disappointed. Great to read your posts!

  7. Thank you for the post! I look forward to reading this one. I say my weak spot as a mom, is saying “in a minute” at times when I should be stopping what I am doing.

  8. thanks for sharing today Lyn about this new author to me, love the LIH stories and this looks like a good one. Mothers I think have many weak spots, I have problem not helping my sons who are plenty old enough to help themselves and wonder am I hurting or helping…

  9. Thanks for a chance to win your book. My weakness is I don’t have patience when it comes to waiting in lines at stores or being in a crowded place. I feel like I am being closed in. My mom would do anything for us kids and her grandchildren. I feel the same way with my kids and grandchildren.

  10. Thanks for the chance to win this book. It sounds so good. As for the question, I will say that my mom gets caught up in being nervous about what others think of her. When I find myself doing that, I try to stop. It is a form of worry that can rob me of joy.

  11. Hannah, I’ve read so many of your books and loved them all – even your long novels! I love strong heroines. Your new books sounds like another keeper! I have a great example for a mother also. She is strong in so many ways and I’m blessed to have her! It’s interesting that many ways that I’m strong are more like my father though! I did inherit a few things from her strength though! I also had a fantastic example from my grandma Thanks for your post!

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