Author Jane Myers Perrine & The Strongest Women She Ever Met — 14 Comments

  1. With 5 kids, I’d have to say my washer and dryer.

    I want to mention to Mrs. Perrine that I’m a third into the book and am loving every word! I hope you are writing your second one!

  2. Definitely the washer and the dryer. My grandmother raised 6 children, 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and only got a washer and dryer finally when starting to raise the 2 great grandchildren. I also think of my aunt who raised 9 children in Saskatchenwan Canada with no indoor plumbing or electricity. Both of these ladies were strong women.

  3. GG – I need ALL my mod-cons. What a great story Jane. It reminds me of several older family members – all of who were way tougher at 80 than I am at. . . . . .(ahem) 39(?)!

  4. My grandmother had 9 children, my mother the youngest. I think my grandmother would have loved having a washer and dryer too. She died before I was born. My grandfather, a market garden farmer, passed away when mom was 8 so Gram had quite a time with a few of her children left at home. I look forward to reading Jane’s book! It sounds exactly like some of my favorite type of reading.

  5. I’d have to say my husband besides him i’d say my vacumn I am disabled and my husband just helps me so much and is so understanding when my pain is so bad that somedays I can’t get out of bed. I do depend alot on my scooter and I wish that I could of sent my scooter to my 100 yr old grandma who just passed 4 mo ago she was walking almost running to mcdonalds and my grandpa said her walker must of caught a divot in the school yard it spun her around and she fell hittting her head not only once but 2 times by the time the hospital called me and i flew from iowa to calif her brain had bleed to much and they wouldnt operate of course due to her age …she was my closest friend and love but if she had my scooter instead of her walker would it of happened?

  6. Lyn, I’m delighted to be visiting your blog today. I’ve read the blogs often. What a variety of strong women! Thank you for inviting me. You may be right. Birdie, one of the heroines of The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek (available on Tuesday!) has a great deal of my Aunt Hazel’s strength.

  7. The washing machine, I know my grandmothers would have really appreciated it.

  8. Washer is a good one. My grandmother finally got a refrigerator but not frost free and not much freezer space. Personally I would miss my microwave but I’m not too sure she would be interested in one of those lol. Still I can’t imagine washing clothes by hand.

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