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  1. What a wonderful woman your grandma was. I hope when I am gone, people will know that I loved God and loved them.

  2. Jo Ann,
    Wow, your grandma sounds amazing and inspiring. I was blessed to have a strong grandma as well, one who is always in my heart. Thank you for sharing. You’re an amazing woman as well. *Hugs*
    God bless,

  3. Hey Joann,
    As I was reading about what your mom did for your uncle before he went blind, I have to say that hearing what your mother did for your uncle is super special. Your mom is a very special lady who has a tender and soft heart for people. I sure would love to here some of her stories?

  4. Yes! My grandmas stores they never get old, I think it is a blessing to have a grandma who loves to talk about how she came to America on ship from Italy. Here stories are truly amazing. Wish you could here here tell them.
    And that is so neat that you would read to your kids when they were just babies. I can tell you that hearing a mothers voice when she reads is so nice. I als think it helps with the learning of the baby when they are in the bell and also out. When my mom was preg with my little sister we would talk too her tummy all the time and call the baby silly names, we wanted a baby brother and when she was born we found out what the baby was we were thrilled I was so happy to have another sister. And when my sisters and I walked in too the room we were talking and laughing and we opened the door and she looked right at us. She new each of our voices. I think that was cool. And having 3 sisters and me Being the Oldest is lots of fun.
    So thankful for Gods amazing Blessing and gifts.

  5. So great to see your smiling face here! I have to get your new book. Haven’t read one of your historicals for awhile. Going right now to buy it!

  6. Sounds like an amazing story..I love reading stories about family. Family life is so important and it seems like today it is getting lost to all the technology stuff.Wish we could go back in time…

  7. Wow JoAnn your grandma would make most of us tired. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Good luck with your trilogy.

  8. As I read these replies, it is so great to see a common thread — of that need for family connection and history. The need to know it and how it makes us whole. Maybe that’s why so many of us are curious who else is hanging around in the branches of our family trees. My family arrived in the US way back in the early 17th century (even one on the Mayflower), so my family’s stories have been closely parallel to New England history. Yet, we’ve followed the stories back to England and Wales to connections to both church and court (nope, no royalty in my bloodlines! The closest we have is the guy who was a tutor to James I’s son ) And it’s amazing to see generation after generation of those who kept the stories alive by caring enough about the next generation to repeat those stories.

  9. Cindy wrote: I hope that’s what someone might see – my Grandma’s heart in me.

    What a beautiful way to put it!

  10. Danielle, what a great gift your grandmother gave you by sharing those stories with you. I’m a storyteller today because I grew up listening to the stories my grandmother told of family and her life and of fairy tales. She never seemed to be bothered when I pestered her for a story. I might have to wait until she finished something else, but the story was always worth the wait! I think that’s why I started reading to my kids before they could even hold up their heads!

  11. I want people to say she loved the Lord and it showed in her life. And I hope to leave that legacy of love for the Lord with my girls to pass down to theor children. In addition, health issues have plagued me and I hope I will be known to have kept pushing thru, smiling and drawing strength from the Lord.

  12. This is the true value of family history – remembering the stories that reveal who are ancestors really were (even if they only go back two generations). They tell us so much about the kind of people we’re descended from. We can but try to live up to the standard they set for us!

  13. You’re grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. How fortunate you were to know her. Tweeted.

  14. Thanks for the sniffles, Jo Ann.:)

    As Brittany said in her comment, I hope my kids will know how much I loved them.

    I doubt it will happen but I would like to be remembered the way I remember my mom and as how I see you, Jo Ann: strong, determined, and unfailingly kind to others. Always the voice of reason.:)

  15. I want my children to say that I was a wonderful mother to them and that they truly knew I loved them.

  16. Paula, my family remains close and ready to leap up to help whenever it’s needed…but distance seems to be a challenge for all of us. Where once we all lived within 20 miles of each other, now we are spread out across the country and around the world. Even keeping up on what everyone’s doing can be a challenge — don’t know what we’d do without email! From what I’ve heard from friends, this seems to be common.

  17. My Grandma’s were such a blessing to their families. I miss them all the time. My life has been so influenced by them. I hope that’s what someone might see – my Grandma’s heart in me.

  18. I hope that people see me as helpful and kind both now and after I am gone.

  19. I think it is wonderful the way people used to be, not like people today, who sometimes do not even kind about close family. The book sounds great.

  20. wonderful story, folks of yesteryear were more helpful to those that needed it in the family…I wish it were more so today.
    thanks for sharing

  21. I want to be thought of now and after I’m beyond this earth as a kind and gentle soul that looked out for others rather then self. Never knowing either of my grandmothers, I can only wonder what their lives were like. But is they were anything like my mother, they were exceptional women.

  22. One of my favorite things to do is listen to my Grandmas stories on how she grew up and came to America when she lived in Italy, she is my hero and I am so blessed and thankful to have her as my Grandma, she is 90 and her stories never get old.
    Thanks for writing good books for us to enjoy. 🙂
    My email address is
    Mailing address is Danie Walther
    11286 Meadow Glen Way East

  23. My greatest desire is that people will think I’m like my mother! She is the most amazing woman I know. I’ve grown up knowing that too and wanting to follow her example. She still inspires me daily and I love her dearly. My kids do too and now that I’m a grandma, I want to be the same kind of grandma she is!

  24. I’d rather people talk about me now, rather than later, and recognize my positive character traits, especially my love and soft heart for others. I love people and enjoy reading about people and their struggles in life.

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