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  1. I know several couples who have adopted. In one case, the children are grown up and seem to be getting on ok. These children know and are very grateful to their adoptive parents. In the other case, the children are very young. In a 3rd situation I know, the children were removed from the family , and adoption not continued because the older child had quite severe problems toward her would be adoptive parents.

    Please enter me in your drawing if I can enter in the UK.

  2. To answer the question from Strong Woman on Goodreads, the only information we have seemed to indicate that the other children had become successes and this man had not, so the mother wanted to help him.

  3. I’m so glad each of you have dropped by. I enjoyed your responses to Lyn’s question.

    I have heard from a number of adopted people who bought the book because it’s about adoption. Every one said I got the feelings right. That’s good to know. Praise the Lord for giving me insight into Maggie’s heart.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, This book about Maggies journey sounds like a good story, would love to be in your drawing.
    Paula O(

  5. Lena, Here’s a comment from a Fan who read the blog on my GoodReads page.
    “Mrs. Dooley should write a fictional account of her fascinating ancestor. I’m intrigued. Why did she choose her youngest son to inherit the land? Maggie’s Journey sounds like a very good read. Thanks for sharing with us.”

    Would you post a reply? Thanks.

  6. Enter me!!! I really would love to read Maggie’s Journey!!

    I know of two women who were adopted, one told as a youth and the other didn’t know until she was an adult and her mother had passed away. A cousin, thinking she knew, told her they were adopted at the same time, that her mother had gone to the orphanage with his mother and then decided to adopt.

  7. My cousin adopted three girls, two from Viet Nam and one from China. They’ve been a tremendous blessing. Seems like they’ve always been a part of our family. This sounds like an lovely book. Thank you for offering a giveaway.

  8. I have friends who adopted two little girls. They had three children of their own already. Their natural children had more difficulty adjusting to the adoption than the two adopted children. But now after two years, they are one big happy family. I’d love to be entered to win the book.

  9. I always love the covers on Lena’s books. They make you feel like you are right there. Love her books. Please include me in your giveaway.

  10. Sorry to be so long coming by today. I had a cardiologist appointment today with a followup on my stress test yesterday. I’m really behind.

    Thanks for having me, Lyn.

  11. We have a friend, co-worker of my husband, that just adopted a baby. Since I can’t speak from first hand experience, I would think that it would depend on how the adoptive parents handle telling and sharing with the child about their story and what they know about why they were given up for adoption.

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