Author Louise Gouge & DIL Heidi & Book Giveaway — 9 Comments

  1. Louise, your dil’s story is so inspiring! I’m always so amazed by people who can face adversity while maintaining their sunny disposition. Thanks so much for sharing! My sister-in-law is very similar. She’s taken care of her disabled son for fifteen years – he’s medically fragile and has frequent (round the clock) seizures, so I don’t think she’s slept through many nights in all these years. And yet she remains a loving, cheerful and altogether wonderful person. Inspiring!

  2. Brittany, thank you so much for sharing your story. I know you miss your mother-in-law. I pray the Lord will give you peace in the midst of your sorrow.

  3. Hi Louise,
    I hopped over here to read your post and enter the giveaway for your book since I saw that Lyn posted about it over on Goodreads LIH author chat. I chatted with you there a bit. Thanks for answering my question. 🙂

    I am so sorry to hear that your son is battling cancer, and of the other losses your family has faced.

    A trial that we have faced in our family is actually cancer related as well. My mother in law passed away May 1st of this year after battling cancer. She was a twenty year cancer survivor from the first time it showed up. She battled it off and on throughout the years with periods of remission. She was truly one of the strongest women I have ever known and I miss her so very much!

    Even though her last battle, that lasted for a little over a year, did not end as we hoped, she was an inspiration to many, many other cancer patients through the years. She lived life to the fullest when healthy and battled the cancer when it showed up.

    It has been a very tough year for our family as we hoped and prayed the various treatments would work and then would find out they didn’t.

    What a wonderful blessing to have such a strong daughter in law to help keep the family strong! I will be praying for your family.

  4. Wow, Deanna, I’m praising the Lord with you! What a frightening situation. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord strengthens us when we need it?

  5. When my son was in a motorcycle accident, the Lord gave us strength. For two days they kept him in a coma & then was the wait to see how the brain injury would affect him and if fractured leg would could be saved.
    PTL he fully recovered 🙂

  6. I am challenged every day with rheumatoid arthritis and God helps me continue to teach children.

  7. I definitely have a challenge, but am not sure it has been overcome, but I am “dealing” with it as best as possible. I have a handicapped son and am the only child of aging parents with very difficult health issues. I do the best I can with both.

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