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  1. Debra. That’s an amazing story. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been separated from your husband, losing two children — raising the others without their father for so long. Not to mention the difficult the trip to America. Your grandmother was truly a strong woman.

  2. Chris, what a wonderful story. God bless all the strong grandmas of the world. As a grandma, my goal is to show God’s love to my babies in a world that focuses on things. It’s a difficult task.

  3. I had a strong Grandma, a messy person who absolutely loved Our Lord
    and showed love to everybody around her
    God bless you Nellie who is now walking with our Lord
    God bless you too
    Chris Granville

  4. CONGRATS on your debut novel!!!! Can’t wait to read it!!! My grandmother was one of the strongest women I knew. My grandfather came to America, leaving my grandmother and their children behind. (Their families were Germans from Russia who came over with Kathrene the Great from Germany to Russia.) My grandfather scrimped and saved in order to bring my grandmother and their children out here. It took eleven years. While she was in Russia, she lost two sons. Then when my grandfather finally sent for her, she had to travel in the most adverse conditions….crowded trains, standing room only, for days on ends etc etc. It took her and her remaining children nine months to arrive in America. I wish I could have spoken German and that I had known this stuff when she was alive. I would have loved to talk to her about her experiences.

  5. Sonja, I can’t imagine having to risk your life to flee your home. That is a truly amazing story.

    All the best…
    Mary Alford

  6. For sure, I would say my mother who lived in Germany during WWII and as a young teenager had to flee her home, and live in great fear in a prison camp. She has an amazing story and it has made her a strong woman.

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