Love Inspired Historical Author Louise M Gouge & Sister, Daughter, Heroines — 8 Comments

  1. I am a complex in birth order. I was second born, but my 1sr born brother had many problems so I assumed the role of first born. So I was the 2nd born, 1st born and the baby till my sister was born when I was 11 and then I was the middle-child.

  2. I think this is such a fascinating subject, and your comments seem to back up the theory that birth order does matter. Like Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip, my sister and oldest daughter are a bit bossy. LOL! And as the youngest of four, I’m still the “baby” at almost 70 years!

  3. I kind of think that the birth order does affect a person’s life. I was born 7 years behind my brother. Since he had already experienced certain things and places with my parents, I didn’t get to experience it.

  4. I think birth order can make a difference, but doesn’t always. My husband and his brother are definite opposites in regard to birth order. My husband is the younger brother but has the qualities usually listed for a first born and vice versa with his older brother possessing many of the youngest sibling qualities.

  5. I am the oldest, and I can see the difference in the the things that I was expected to accomplish and what my sister was.

  6. I definitely think that birth order makes a difference. Being the oldest of 2, I always had that feeling of needing to take care of my younger brother.

  7. I think it does have a slight influence but may not be the governing factor depending on one’s overall upbringing. I’m the baby in the family. I think I’ll always be the baby in my parent’s eyes! Maybe being somewhat bullied by my siblings made me more stubborn.

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