Lyn Interviews Book Blogger Kathleen of Lane Hill House Blog — 9 Comments

  1. Lyn,
    Thank you for interviewing me on your blog and for your surprise to me! I have long carried “For Sophia’s Heart” in my own, and will indeed look forward to her daughter’s story!
    Readers, you don’t want to miss this one! ~ eBook. A beautiful story of hope ~ fragile and delightful.
    Lyn, did I ever tell you I am Wisconsin-born? Where is your up North writing cottage? Kathleen

  2. Congratulations on your win, Paula! My husband and I have been away from home, and I am just getting back over to visit here. I like to read stories with historical happenings because of the tried-and-true ventures that have shown the results of choices.
    My favorite mentors have been Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Ingrid Trobisch, and Edith Schaeffer while reading their motherly care. My very favorite living~life~person would be Luci Swindoll! These would be my “strong women and their journey in life.” Kathleen

  3. Sonja, I am so glad for the selection we have and character growth within everyday life. So important to be able to visualize it in someone else coming alongside. I like stories that stay with you long after reading the last line. Important messages to the heart. Kathleen

  4. Paula-O, I love the fact that the Internet makes connecting with readers as people so much easier than in the past.

  5. Kathleen and I share many of the same authors, I like to read historical a lot too and love when the author has such extensive research and you feel as if you are there. I was happy to win a book by Sylvia on your blog and look forward to reading. thanks. I love stopping by and seeing what is next in your comments with strong women and their journey in life.
    thanks for sharing Lyn…
    Paula O(Pauline)

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