Author Sylvia Bambola & a Daughter’s Strength Through Pain — 12 Comments

  1. I love the interview . Yes I love to read Christian books instead of your trashy books . I love good clean books . This one looks good and I would love to win it .

  2. Yes, Pauline, I so appreciate Lyn’s highlighting stories about strong women. These stories are an encouragement and truly give women the credit they deserve. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out this post. Good luck in the drawing.

  3. Veronica, how blessed you were to have such a wonderful and brave mother. She must have left you a tremendous legacy, for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment about your mother! Blessings.

  4. Carol, how wonderful to hear about your 3 adopted children. I’m adopted, too. Surely you must know how much you have impacted these three lives and given them opportunities they would never have had otherwise. Bless you for that!

    I also like most genres, but as a Bible study teacher I especially enjoy historical fiction set during or around Old and New Testament times. I especially enjoyed all the research I did for Rebekah’s Treasure as it made me appreciate what happened to Jerusalem, The Temple, and the early Christian Church.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

  5. Thank you, Janet, for your kind words. It’s really a blessing what God has done in my daughter’s life and how He has used all the hard times for His good. Even my daughter says she was changed for the better because of her trials.

    Best wishes on the book drawing.

  6. I have not read your books before Sylvia but like reading about women with strength who persevere midst troubles and heartache. this looks like a good story. Isn’t Lyn wonderful sharing about strong determined women this way. Thanks for sharing your book with the readers.

  7. Hi Sylvia! I am so glad your daughter is doing better! I do enjoy biblical era novels because it gives me more insight into the life of Jesus, how different life was as compared to now……………I also love to read about the old customs they had back then that no longer exists today!

    Your book sounds awesome! I love the cover………….It is beautiful!

  8. Would love to read this book — read Refiner’s Fire and loved it (we adopted 3 from Romania, so setting was esp. appealing).

    “I think it’s a universal truth that most mothers will sacrifice a great deal for their children and will try to do what’s best for them even at great cost to themselves. ” So true! I certainly saw that in my mother, who helped raise her younger siblings while her single mom worked.

    “Do you enjoy reading biblical era novels? Why or Why not?–Lyn”
    Yes, but I like to read a wide variety of novels, and it’s not usually the first genre I pick. The most recent Biblical fiction I liked was Bunn/Oke’s Acts of Faith series. I like them because they help me see a different viewpoint to the New Testament times. I like to read a variety of genres: suspense, fantasy, young adult, Biblical fiction, and contemporary.

  9. Hello, A very brave woman was my mother, suffered silently for fourteen years with kidney cancer. She was strong lady who had many talents, she sang so beautifully til the cancer cut off her singing voice. She was the proud mom of five children, myself the eldest. I must say after watching old movies (my Gram was a high tech chick!) of the family, I was what society calls a needy and clinging child and believe me the movies proved and it! Your book reminds me so much of my Mom. please forgive me for rambling on.

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