Author Margaret Daley & Do You Know a Strong Woman? — 15 Comments

  1. I know many strong women: my mom, my sister, my mother-in-law, some of my dearest friends. Now that I have a young daughter, though, I realize how important it is to be a strong woman and to have strong women as role models for her.

  2. A strong woman is one that manages to keep her faith no matter what life throws at her. Even more she can spread her faith during times when others would say that God had abandoned her. She is a woman who knows that everything that happens, good and bad, is to the betterment of the kingdom of God even when she can’t see how it can possibly be to anyone’s good. A strong woman continues to ask God for His will and follows it even when it goes directly against what she wants to do.

  3. My mom is a strong woman. She would do anything for us kids. She is the same way with our kids and grand kids. She has survived my dad’s death and her recent surgery. She always has a kind word to say. I try to be like my mom and I hope I am.

  4. A strong woman is someone who does more than survive difficulty. She embraces it and moves through it. She often doesn’t think she’s strong but she is. My mother is a strong woman. I could go on and on at length about the many difficulties she has gone through yet showed her faith, but I think the greatest strength I have witnessed is the unbelievable strength she has shown through my father’s cancer. In April, due to complications, my mother was a rock during a time where we were convinced Dad would not make it. Yet, Mom’s faith and trust in God carried her through and praise the Lord, Dad is still here. We don’t know how long, but my mother’s faith and belief in the God that answers prayers is an inspiration to me. I am so blessed.

  5. My mom helps everyone I know. Always bringing in meals, etc. I would classify her as a strong woman, although she is now older and physically not strong, but spiritually, yes.

  6. A strong woman is one who draws her strength from spiritual roots. She knows that what God thinks about her life and her character is what matters.

  7. That is so beautiful! I love your books! I am blessed by a beautiful Mom, too! She taught me God’s love from as young as I can remember. She is gracious, loving, kind, strong & generous. She worked so hard all her life & now lives in a wheelchair…but I still see her as strong. Her love for The Lord shines through her & she is still my closest friend. Though, I have other strong women in my life…one that travels the world and another that conquers it! So, I’ve been blessed by many strong women! Thanks for writing about the strength in women : ) love your books from a longtime fan : )

  8. My mom is a strong woman because she is working a full time job and also taking care of a family, she comes home and is super tired but still is willing to make dinner for us.

    I would love to read this book.
    This is a beautiful cover

  9. I love Margaret Daley’s books. She is a wonderful author. Yes, I feel I’ve known many strong women in my life, but like Margaret I think of my mother when asked this question. My mother raised 3 children on a limited income, but at the same time she was married to an alcoholic and an unfaithful man. My mom always encouraged her children and tried to set a good role model while struggling with periods of depression. She passed away 11 years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t wish she was here for me to talk with and ask advice.

  10. I wrote on her about my Mother being a strong women before my Mother passed on with Alhemizers. I got to read what I wrote at her funeral. I have known several strong women.

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