Last Tribute, Poem “Mama Was” by Virginia Archer

This is the last blog post this year honoring mothers and daughters in May. Virginia Archer occasionally sends me poems and I asked her to send me a few honoring her mother. I chose, “Mama Was.” 


Mama  Was

Mama was a country girl
…living most of her life on the farm.
She tried to live in such a way
to never caused anyone harm.

Mama was a private person
but you couldn’t ask for a better friend.
She never turned away anyone in need
…no matter what it cost in the end.

Mama was a good  provider
…making sure we had plenty to eat.
Even though we had very little money
she often gave is special treats.

Mama was a loving mother,
and it was seen in the way she lived.
Not one to give out hugs and kisses,
but we felt the love she would give.

Mama was a faithful Christian,
…serving God in her quiet way…
showing more by her actions
than by what she had to say.

Mama was sorely missed,
and has been since she passed away.
Her Father  called her home in ’76,
on a Saturday before Mother’s Day.

Virginia Archer

Thank you for sharing this, Virginia. If you enjoyed this, leave a comment for Virginia.–Lyn


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