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My guest today RITA Award-Winning Author Linda Goodnight will share how she became interested in her favorite charity and all about her Christmas book! She’s even offering a book giveaway! Here’s Linda:

A TV Show

“Some years ago I saw a television program about the deplorable conditions in international orphanages, particularly the old Soviet Union. The experience so touched me that I wanted to support ministries that reached out to those children. One ministry, His Kids Too! grabbed my attention. Begun by one very strong, determined woman and her husband, HK2 collects and distributes humanitarian aid to thousands of orphans in Ukraine. The ministry also provides summer Bible camps, aid to shelters and widows, transitional living facilities for orphaned teens who age out with nowhere to go, medical assistance to the poor and elderly and much more, all through a grass-roots effort by the founder and director, Teresa Fillmon.

A One-Family Show or Charity

A few years ago, my oldest daughter had the opportunity to travel with Teresa to Ukraine. The conditions stunned and changed her. A couple of years later she again returned to teach and minister in the orphanages and attests to the fabulous work done by the selfless Teresa and her husband.

The fascinating thing about HK2 is there is no huge staff of workers. This is not a giant charity raking in millions with a large overhead and big administrative salaries. To this day, HK2 remains one woman and her family who rally a team of volunteers from churches and communities who want to make a difference. Next summer, my oldest Ukrainian daughter and I plan to be part of that team of volunteers to work in the Bible camps and distribute aid to the orphans and needy of Ukraine.

Sugarplum homecoming png

Sugarplum Homecoming

To purchase, click here. Sugarplum Homecoming (Whisper Falls)

How, you may ask, does this relate to the heroine in my latest book, Sugarplum Homecoming?

Here’s how: His Kids Too! gives young girls and women a chance, no matter their pasts. Many come from abusive, alcoholic situations and have lived on the streets. Lana, the heroine in Sugarplum Homecoming is no different. Ashamed of her bad girl past, she’s been on the streets. She’s struggled with alcoholism. But faced with the care of her niece, Lana must dig deep inside and find the strength to make a home for a needy child in the very place that brought her the greatest pain and shame. With the help of the Lord and the town “good guy”, Lana just might find her happy-ever-after.

Because I really want you to enjoy this warm, emotional Christmas story, I’m giving a copy away! Leave a comment for a chance to win Sugarplum Homecoming.“–Linda

Learn more about my favorite charity at

Thanks, Linda, for sharing about HK2. I noticed that you have an oldest Ukrainian daughter so I know there is more to your story. QUESTION: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY AND WHY? Please leave a comment to enter the drawing for Linda’s book!–Lyn

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17 Responses to Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author Linda Goodnight & HK2

  1. Valri Western says:

    I went on a mission to Guatemala for my church in 1980-1981. It changed my life. I was able to serve those beautiful people and it was a privilege. Although I grew up in a home where we served others all the time (my mother made sure of it!), I was able to do this 24/7 and it really changed me! I have lived other places around the world but that experience really meant a lot to me because it was so unique. My husband and I make sure that we contribute to charities on an ongoing basis AND we donate time and goods. It is something that we decided on when we got married and we involved our kids when they lived at home. Linda, I am so excited about your book! I love this series and can’t wait to continue with the characters! It would be great to win it too!

  2. Erin, I covet your prayers for the ministry trip next summer. Ukraine is not an easy place to be. Communism and darkness still reigns, and the poverty, alcoholism, street children, and human trafficking are rampant. Oh, and they don’t much like Americans. 🙂 But those kids are His Kids, too, and we want to be His hands extended.

  3. Lacy, one of my sons has done missions work in Mexico and Haiti. He says the poverty just across our borders stunned him. Bless your church for caring!

  4. Terri and Julie,
    Compassion International, the City Rescue Mission, and the Humane Society are all great charities. That there are so many wonderful groups doing good, it just shows the depth of kindness and caring in people, something that is often overlooked because of the “bad” news on TV.

  5. Melissa L. says:

    I like to help battered woman and children shelters. I do not like to see women in situations that they feel they cannot get out of.

    • Battered women shelters are wonderful places. I am so thankful that women have a place to go to get out those situations today. In the past, they just suffered in silence. Thank you, Melissa, for caring!

  6. Jackie Tessnair says:

    My charity would be Hospice because they helped so many of my loved ones during the end of their journey.

  7. Great post, Linda. And that sounds like a great charity. Lately, I’ve been volunteering a couple of times a month at the food bank in Arcadia, OK, called Project 66. One day every week, the food bank opens its doors to anyone in need. I have the great pleasure and privilege of visiting with and praying for the guests when they come in the doors. While many of the stories are heartbreaking, there is hope in these folks’ eyes, hope because the people who started P66 had the desire to not only distribute food, but to share the gospel of Christ. It’s a little place that does a lot of good.

    • Hi Robin,
      I’ve volunteered at the Regional Food bank before but had never heard of Project 66. It still shocks me, though I guess it shouldn’t, to know there are people in America without enough food. You are awesome for sharing Jesus, as well as food, with those in need.

  8. Terri Weldon says:

    Linda – what a great charity! I hope you and your daughter enjoy your missions work next summer. My favorite charities are The City Rescue Mission and The Humane Society. I’m impressed by how City Rescue provides meals, housing, and ministry to those in need. And as an animal lover I admire HSUS’s work.

    No need to enter me in the drawing. I already have a copy of this fabulous book!

  9. Linda, you are a sweet and amazing woman of God. I love your heart for orphans! Thanks for sharing about HK2. I pray God blesses that ministry in mighty ways.

  10. Lacy Williams says:

    Don’t enter me – I’ll be buying a copy of the book. You have an inspirational story, Linda, and I’m excited you got to share about it today. Will be praying for your trip next year! Although it isn’t really a charity, my church does a lot for the needy. One of my favorite programs is sending small gifts to kids at a sister church in Mexico at Christmastime. Great post, Linda!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful organization. I love supporting Compassion International. They do great work all over the globe helping children who live in poverty.

  12. Lyn, I didn’t know my head was going to look so big! ARGH. lol

  13. Chris, I think that’s one of the best charities ever! Thank you for sharing.

    Linda g

  14. chris granville says:

    My favorite charity you ask That is easy It is helping the people around me, showing Gods light to them. God bless you and what you do
    Chris Granville