What’s Your Earliest Memories of Your Mother? — 5 Comments

  1. We lived in the country – and “country” when I was a child is a LOT diferent from country today. My Dad, at one time, owned a Model T Ford; however, most of our traveling was on foot. We lived about 3 miles from the church, and often, my mother, a neighbor her age, and lots of “kids” plodded through the snow, mud, good weather and bad to attend church. Although it’s gone through many revisions since then, the central part of our church is the one-room building where I went as a child. My father didn’t attend church, so I owe much of my Christian training to my mother.

  2. I have many early memories of my mother. Her telling to put my cloth diaper in the diaper pail. I can remember how my room was set up as a baby. I still remember her lovingly putting me in my crib.
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  3. I am afraid mine is a bit silly, but none the less true. We immigrated when I was 3 from Germany. I picked up the language quickly, my mom not so much because she was home all day and I was out playing with other kids in my neighborhood. I remember coming in from playing and having learned the word “Potty”. I came running in and said to my mom that I had to go “potty” right now. My mom, understood that I wanted to go to a party and said I couldn’t go…I was flabbergasted! Why not???? I still remember it to this day and we both laugh about it!

  4. The earliest that I remember about my mom was when she brought me home and was feeding me and teaching me how to suck, because I didn’t know how too. I was adopted at a very young age so I really don’t know
    Anything else about my mom. Only that she was praying for me and that she was so happy to my mom.

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