Lyn Reviews Marta Perry’s The Rescued

I will give away my ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) to one commenter. Be sure to read the QUESTION at the end.

The Rescued: Keepers of the Promise, Book TwoThe Rescued: Keepers of the Promise, Book Two by Marta Perry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 2nd in Marta Perry’s Keepers of the Promise series. Another interesting parallel story. Her Amish heroine Judith is trying to keep the peace between her husband (Isaac) and his younger brother(Joseph) whom they have raised together.

A deep sorrow has wounded Isaac which complicates his relationship with Joseph and catches Judith in the middle of two that she loves so much.

At the same time Judith is reading through an old family diary about an Amish widow caught in the crusade to do away with the old one-room schoolhouses where both Englischer and Amish children traditionally learned together. When the new high school is built, the Amish are put in the crosshairs of the battle between modern and traditional.

This was such a true to life story about a family’s struggles to work through pain and conflict. And also a story of culture clash which we seem to be going through again.

I highly recommend this to any reader who loves a story about family and bravery.

QUESTION: How and why are parents today taking different paths when it comes to educating their children?–Lyn

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4 Responses to Lyn Reviews Marta Perry’s The Rescued

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    Today, there are so many choices for parents, and I’m sure it is a tough decision! I’ve taught 3rd grade for 32 years in rural North Carolina. There is public school, Charter School, private school, and home school in my area. I think most parents start getting more concerned about their kids’ “social playground” right before the middle school age. Anyway, that’s what we experience in my area. Parents want to control the peer situation and resort to more controlled settings. Sometimes I think it’s for the best educational setting, and other times it’s because of peer pressure and what the kids might encounter.

  2. Diane Blaser says:

    Many parents who are rightfully and deeply concerned about gun violence, ostracism, bullying, promiscuity and drugs are choosing to educate their children at home. I can only imagine that the numbers of parents home schooling will rise with each school shooting that occurs in our country. It’s sad that our country has come to this.


  3. Lynn Grier says:

    More parents are going toward home schooling and I can understand why! The kids get a better education and kept away from drugs, bullying and anything else that might occur. And the parents can teach their kids the difference from right and wrong.

  4. Sunnie says:

    Well, with the violence that can be found in schools these days, its really no wonder. And then there’s the bullying, drugs and other concerns, I can certainly understand why parent’s would consider different ways of schooling for their children.

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