Author Marta Perry & Amish Chicken Pot Pie — 12 Comments

  1. I love to flatten chicken breasts a bit then place two to three jalapeño slices in the middle and roll starting at one end. When that is done, I secure with a toothpick. After they are placed in the baking dish, I will combine a can of cream of chicken soup and a can of mushroom soup. I pour over the chicken breasts, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Delicious and so flavorful!

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  2. Still my favorite is good ol Fried Chicken. I love a good crispy outer crust and juicy inside. The gravy that goes with it has the cracklings from the fried chicken in it. Can’t beat that for a good Sunday dinner.

  3. Fried buttermilk chicken is my favorite but growing up in the south we eat any type of chicken ! Can’t wait to try your recipe for the pot pie and can’t wait to win your new book ! Ask Ann Gabhart I love anything Amish and y’all corner the market there ! Would live your other recipes as well so look for my email next!

  4. There are so many ways to fix chicken, chicken salad would be one of my top favorites.

  5. Hi, Marta. Love the cover of your new book. Looks great. And the story sounds like one that would keep somebody reading into the night to find out what happens. I’m not throwing my name in the drawing, but wanted to stop by to say hello. I like chicken pot pie, but I’d have to say my favorite in chicken and dumpling which my husband doesn’t like and which, from lack of practice, I can’t make. But Cracker Barrel does a fine job and that’s what I get most of the time when I go there.

  6. I love Amish Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken and Dumplings but the hubby does not. I used to make both before I got married and that was a long time ago. Maybe someday I will try a make it for one person. Looking forward to reading When Secrets Strike.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments! My husband liked Roast Chicken, too, so I make that fairly often, and it’s nice to have the leftover chicken to use in other recipes like the pot pie or our favorite chicken and wild rice soup.

  8. Baked chicken…I use it for all kinds of recipes like the chicken pot pie one Marta shared! The book sounds awesome Marta and I would love to win a copy. Thanks to you and Lyn!

  9. I do love chicken pot pie -it is so filling. I am not the best cook of it though so prefer eating with those that make it better. Baked chicken with stuffing is second best to this dish.
    I love to read this author and would be pleased to be in the drawing,thanks for sharing Marta.

  10. I love BBQ’d chicken. My son loves chicken pot pie, so I will have to try this. He is always asking for it, but time is a big factor for me, so he doesn’t get it too often!

  11. My favorite chicken recipe would be chicken and dumplings. Both of my grandmothers could make it. I can taste it now! Now that they’re gone, I have to eat it at Cracker Barrel. (not the same, but tasty)

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