Lyn Reviews Tamera Alexander’s A Lasting Impression — 14 Comments

  1. Donna, I’m going to remove your address so no one with a bad purpose can see it.

    Everyone, thanks for your honesty. And I’ve lied also–not often and usually to protect myself or someone else.

    But God forgives and gives us the strength to tell the truth and face it too.

  2. Yes, I too, have lied and been lied to. I hope that the Lord forgives me for all of those lies, little or big. When I have been lied too, I surely didn’t like it; so now I try to not do such things.
    Yes, I would like a copy of the book if you have one available.
    Donna McCoy
    Waterloo, IA 50702

  3. Unfortunately, I have lied in the past but it is never something that I like to do. I absolutely hate lying and being lied to. I try to avoid doing so as much as possible.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. The book sounds really great and I love curling up with a good historical romance!

  4. Hi! I think everyone lies at one point or another. I try not to lie but sometimes it happens. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  5. I’m sure we’ve all lied at one time or another, intentionally, unintentionaly or be omission. Thank God the Lord forgives us. I’ve been lied to and it was wrenching,

  6. i am ashamed to say that yes i have lied…to save my own self image, to save loved ones self image. But i am overcoming with God’s grace. i would love to win Tamara’s novel, in whatever shape the book is in. Thanks, Lyn

  7. Hi Lyn, hopping over from goodreads -saw this review this morning also on FB, I love reading tamera even if they are used ones, would love to be in the drawing.
    Yes I am afraid I have had lies told to me and by the one that should have not.
    not long after my 2nd marriage hubby chose to get involved with his ex and told me he was going fishing with the guys, I had no clew for quite some time and I am afraid that trust is not easily given when this happens.
    Paula O(

  8. Lie, me??? Not lately but in the past I am sure I have unfortunately told lies intentionally and unintentionally. That is to my shame and regretfully for sure, I have been lied to on a number of occasions. I love Tamera Alexander’s writing style and have recently finished her novel, “Rekindled.” Needless to say it was good. Thanks for allowing me to enter this giveaway!

  9. I would have liked to but… my blush supersedes it! I would dearly love to win this book, and that is no lie!! Kathleen

  10. I regret to say that yes, I’ve told lies intentionally, unintentionally, and regretfully — and unfortunately, I have been lied to on a number of occasions. Anyone who is a parent should be able to relate — our children are normal and quite to say “not me” but with gentle probing, they may confess. Lies are a part of our fallen world. Living a lie is usually an intentional lie and usually results in more lies . . .

  11. Aren’t we all tempted to lie?! I have a sibling who you can’t trust at all because the give in to that temptation more often than choosing to be truthful. I guess I am very sensitive to this. I would like to say because of that I never lie but I think we all lie at one point or another.

    I love Tamera Alexander and have this book on my Nook Wish List. Would very much enjoy reading this book.

  12. Sorry hit enter too quick… when I was very young I told my grandma that I had not left the yard when in fact I had.. and she knew it. Needless to say I got a good switching…..

  13. Oh my! Yes, I have many lies told me! Thank goodness I have moved on to having more faith in God and get away from many bad people.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

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