Lyn Asks for Feedback on Another Cover Model! — 102 Comments

  1. I am going with Nr.. 3. There is something mysterious in this one; the hair is hiding the sides of her face – like she might have something of a secret that she doesn’t want exposed. There is a bit of sadness in her eyes, and, yet, there is an innocence and beauty in her face.

  2. I like #1, although she seems younger in that one. For that reason I’d have to choose #4.

  3. I love # 4 pose as it looks like it could be used for a spring themed story.

  4. #1 fits the series look best, but even in that one she is looking at the camera much more than the other cover models.

  5. I like No. 1. Her eyes just draw me to her. She is one pretty lady.

  6. #1 (#3 pose looks like what you have for the summer book)

  7. Definitely 3. Looks sweet, shy, and a bit dreamy… yet there is some confidence there to handle a man who brings controversy. (#1 is too young and insecure and the other two show too much attitude).

  8. Number 1 or 3 if you stay with this model. However, I think she looks too young in comparison with the other covers.


  9. 2 and 4 are too similar to judge, 1 is the best. Personally, I think you need to write a series about a “dirty old lady” who likes guys 50 years younger, is funny as he!!, and has no teeth. I’ll be glad to pose for the covers at your convenience! LOL

  10. #1 is a sweet demure innocent expression and what I would choose.

  11. I like #3. Looks like she has something to say and you might or might not hear it. Intriguing.

  12. I like 3 I didn’t like the expressions on the others, and 3 seems to fit with the previous book covers

  13. I think #1 fits in well with the other covers. She has a hint of mystery to her.

  14. I like #1 the best. I was wondering though… why this model is looking at “you” while the other covers are not looking at the reader.

  15. I like #1 & #3 the best to go with the other covers. Thanks for letting us help.

  16. I Like #1 Shy and sweet as a couple of the others look a little arrogant or sulky or pouty

  17. I think that #1 and #3 both look shy to me. I think that it is the head tilted down more with the hair hanging around her face to help her hide a little bit.

  18. I like #1. She looks demure and mysterious.

    Thanks for the chance and poll.

  19. Number 3 is my first choice, with Number 1 a close second. Both show sweet shyness and would go along with Thea, IMHO. 😎

  20. I like the expression of #1 the best, but she does look young in that photo (late teens to early twenties). I’m not sure how old Thea is supposed to be. #3 is good, too; I think she just looks bored and even disengaged in #2 and #4.

  21. I prefer #1. She is so sweet looking just like the other
    Women of Stedfast.

  22. #1 if any. Sorry Lyn but she looks like she either needs to burp or is miserable for some other reason. But if I have to choose one of these it’s number 1 for sure.

  23. I think that #1 fits real good as the others look more like she is bored and her face doesn’t really say anything but #1 is like she is shy and works for a cover! Good Luck picking one Lyn!

  24. There is just something about #1 for me. It pulls me in the most and makes me want to know her story more.

  25. I would pick #1. The women on all the other covers ar looking to the right. #1 looks the most like the others in that way.

  26. I like # 1. Shy and sweet for sure. Wish she had more of a smile.

  27. #3 speaks to me. She NEEDS a happy ending! Good thing she’s in a Lyn Cote book. That’s guaranteed.

  28. #3 speaks to me. How I wish a happy ending for her. Good thing she’s in a Lyn Cote book. I KNOW she’ll have one!

  29. Hard to decide between two or three but I think two takes it because there will be conflict, and although shy, she has a backbone. That shows in two.

  30. I like #3 the best. #1 is beautiful and says shy, but she looks TOO young in that photo. I thought she was a young teen.
    The other covers are beautiful. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

  31. I like #3. She seems curious and a little shy, with the head tilted in a sweet way. Though #1 is shy, with her head tilted in the same direction as the other books in the series…so if you want consistency…

    Keep up the good work! I love reading your books.

  32. Since I don’t know what your female character is like, I’ll give you my initial impression of each picture:
    1) vulnerable and shy
    2) tough and snobby
    3) strong and truthful
    4) strong and caring
    You know best what your female character will face in this book. I’m guess it all depends on what impression you are trying to convey. Hope that helps.

  33. I prefer #1. The others are too face forward to fit with the other covers. She has a shy but come-hither look about her. She is not afraid, but gets one’s attention

  34. #3 She is a quiet one. Not shy as most around her assume. She listens and pays attention, keeping her ideas to herself.
    There is an old piece of wisdom–“Never assume!”

  35. I think picture #3 is much more evocative and engaging yet, sweet and shy all at the same time. I love this one, and it would make a beautiful and eye catching book cover!

  36. #1 fits your description of Thea, but there may be more to her than what meets the eye. Her personality and character evolve further with each chapter. Thus, I also le #4.

  37. I vote for #3 for “shy and sweet” and to look like it fits with the other book covers.

  38. I like Choice #3. Her hair is good in that one and her expression is innocent but there’s also something else going on…maybe something stormy. 🙂

  39. I like #3. However, the rest of the series covers have the model looking off camera, not toward it, so I’m not sure any of these really fit.

  40. I believe No 4 is the best, I see a shyness, and also a suspenseful look on her face!

  41. Number 1 or 3 if you want a closer face view. Two is too bold. And four gives a know it all feel to me.

  42. The #1 cover fits the best with the other three books in this series. I look forward to reading it. Keep up the good workand God bless.

  43. I like the open expression of the last one. The second is similar but looks smug. Don’t like the hair in the face of three and one looks too coy.

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