Need Help Choosing Another Cover Model or Two-Please!

FIRST MODEL: If you haven’t read my blog, titled “Can a Grandmother Be the Heroine of a Romance?” click here. And read about my new romantce-mystery, UNCERTAIN SPRING, which will have a grandmother as the heroine. (So glad many agreed with me!) It will debut in the spring 2021. Here are the choices of cover models.

Please tell me which one “draws you in” and makes you want to read more about her and what she’s thinking. Be sure to tell me why too. I like to hear reactions. When you leave a comment, you will be entered into a random drawing to receive a free ebook, Precarious Summer, Book 1 in the series.





SECOND MODEL: I’m also preparing to release a new romance earlier in 2020 so I need your help with a cover model. My heroine is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico and is a single mom. A real sweetheart! Here are the choices that I found: Which do you like?






So which is your favorite? Your #2?

Thanks! I really appreciate hearing your choices and reasons.—Lyn


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59 Responses to Need Help Choosing Another Cover Model or Two-Please!

  1. Ann says:

    For the first book, photo 1 – she looks more like the age suggested and she looks deep in thought. For the second, I would pick the 3rd photo as the most interesting.

  2. For the grandma, #1. maybe it’s the coffee cup, but she has a warmth I really like.

    For the second one, I would go with #3. I actually like #2 a bit better, but not being able to see clothing makes her look naked, which I don’t think would be a good fit for one of your novels.

  3. Robin Caldon says:

    For the first book-Model #1
    For the second book-Model #1 or Model #3

  4. Jennifer Van-Alphen says:

    Grandma- you can’t go wrong between them
    the Single mom one is the 1st choice

  5. Renee Wildes says:

    For the first model, for grandma I like the top one holding the coffee cup. She feels warm and real. For the daughter of immigrants, I like the last one – she seems more girl next door/real person.

  6. Jeanine Ellis says:

    Model #1 looks most believably like a grandma in her 50’s. She looks intelligent and caring. For the second option, I again chose #1. It’s hard to explain why, but she could very easily fit in that story narrative.

  7. Mina Gerhart says:

    First group #2 first choice & then #1. Group 2 #3 then #1.

  8. Jane Squires says:

    First one is #1. Looks more like a grandma. Second one is 3rd one.

  9. Melinda M says:

    First Model is #1 . Just looks like she is off in thought . Second model #3 as a single mom ready for work whther chasing children or a jon

  10. Priscila says:

    FIRST MODEL: I’d go with #1. I think she fits best with the age description, and her far-away/pensive look totally draws me in.
    SECOND MODEL: I like #3 better. If both parents were Mexicans #1 doesn’t pull it off for me, and #2 seems a bit young for a single mom.

  11. Adelyn Grudier says:

    For chosing the most appropriate model for the grandmother type if one has to chose from the models offered, it would have to be Number One. However, is this grandmother the mother of a 15-year-old child? Is so, then is she scheming what her life will be with a grandchild in tow? Sorry, I just really don’t think any of the options are viable. Yes, they may tell us the new 50 is yesterdays 35 but in reality, if you look around, it just isn’t all that much. I have no opinion on the second choice, I’m still too disappointed with the glam choice for the first book. You don’t have to chose some wrinkled, apple-faced white haired lady as the grandmother but at least let her show some of the miles she has put on the vehicle while living life.

  12. Lori Smanski says:

    Oh my goodness, I so agree with Jan Castle. I feel like she is right on the money with these two ladies

    UNCERTAIN SPRING – Model #1…she looks the most mature as well as being a wise Mom herself. The others look a bit too young in my opinion
    For your second book with a Mexican single Mom = Model #1…she looks like she has a Mexican heritage. Knowing she needs more education to raise her child properly as a single Mom, I think this would be the perfect cover.
    Soooo enjoy your books and look forward to these future releases!

  13. Patricia says:

    For Uncertain Spring, I am undecided between Model 1 and Model 4. They both look wise, and capable of handling just about anything.

    For the next, I would choose Model 3. She is the one that drew my attention, but I am not sure why.

  14. SHERRI BAILEY says:

    I would choose #1. She has the look of maturity but also wanderlust in those gorgeous eyes!!!

  15. Sonnetta Jones says:

    #2 for both choices. I get from the picture that she may be the type of grandmother that will let her grandkids make a mess and she looks artsy to me.

  16. Kirsti says:

    In the first set I like Number One the best. She looks like she has things on her mind and I want to know what is going on.
    In the second set I like Number Three the best. She looks hopeful. My second choice is Number Two

  17. Stephanie Snow says:

    I think model one for the grandmother because she looks Ike a modern grandmother. I think others are just young.fpr 2nd book model 3. I think not all Hispanic nationals look alike. And especially young Hispanics who have grown up in the US are very different from those who have not. They are hardworking and I think she just represents a more modern single mom

  18. Deborah D says:

    I like the second model for Grandma. The third model for the single mother.

  19. Lois B says:

    #1 seems to be the best grandmother & #2 is my second choice.

    Second model best choice is #3 & #2 is my second choice.

  20. Jan Castle says:

    My choices:
    UNCERTAIN SPRING – Model #1…she looks the most mature as well as being a wise Mom herself. The others look a bit too young in my opinion
    For your second book with a Mexican single Mom = Model #1…she looks like she has a Mexican heritage. Knowing she needs more education to raise her child properly as a single Mom, I think this would be the perfect cover.
    Soooo enjoy your books and look forward to these future releases!

  21. Beverly C Clites says:

    For book #1 I like # 1 because she looks like a contemplative Grandma, 2nd choice is #3.

    For book #3 I like # 3 most because of her eyes and smile. #1 comes in 2nd.

    For both books, I don’t like showing the cleavage / skin.

  22. Pat Schaff says:

    I like #1 for the first model. She looks intelligent, beautiful and mature. For the second #2 looks fun but determined.

  23. judy says:

    For the first book I like 1 or 4 but I lean more towards 4. Not sure why but something about the expression of her face. At first I thought there was something wrong with her face until I enlarged it and saw it had the words written across her face. But enlarging it also brought out the expression and something about that expression drew me in. The serious contemplation maybe with added warmth. Not sure. ••
    For the 2nd Bk I think 3. 2 just looks far too young to be a mom. And 3 looks more to be from immigrants than 1

  24. Carol Luciano says:

    My grandma choice would be #2. She looks self confident and thoughtful.
    And I’ll go with #3 for my second chance. She just appears to be smart, caring and no pushover.

  25. Patsy C says:

    For the grandmother, #1 looks both thoughtful and fearful, and yet a good listener. I would want to know more about her. For the young mother, #3 because she looks joyful with a touch of tenderness.

  26. Teresa says:

    My first choice for Uncertain Spring is model number 1. She appears thoughtful, wise and confident. My second choice would be number 4. She has an air of confidence and an intense “not going to give up” look.

    For the second Mexican immigrant model my first choice is number two. She is beautiful, confident, and appears sweet but has a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. My second voice would be number 3. She is lovely and sweet with pureness and joy radiating in her eyes. After writing this I am torn between number two and number three.

  27. Denise says:

    I like no. 1 for the grandmother. She looks calm and gentle. I can imagine her drawing little ones on to her lap and cuddling them.
    I think the 3rd model is my second choice. She has serious eyes which portray what she has been through in life yet still has a warm, open, friendly face.

  28. Megan H says:

    I like #2 for first one and #3 for the second one.

  29. Shelia Hall says:

    #4 on first one and #2 on second one

  30. Ricky and Frances Coody says:

    For the first model I like #1, she seems to be thinking of her troubles but she also knows that her husband has her back.
    For the second, I chose #3, she looks very sweet and like she’d be a good mother.

  31. Catrina Pomerleau says:

    For the first group, I like #1.

    For the second group, I like #3.

  32. Debra Pruss says:

    For the first option, I like #4. She looks as if she is busy, but having a heavy heart. For the second option, I like the first option. She looks as if she wants to excel in her life. She is grateful for all she has been given.

  33. Mj says:

    My second choice for the first model is #4.
    My second choice for the second model is #3.

  34. Mj says:

    I like Model #1for the first book. She just looks like she has an interesting story to tell.

    I like Model #1 for the second book. The picture just looks like the character you described.

  35. Sherrie Wood says:

    For the first Cover, No. 1 because she looks like a very interesting person. For the second Cover, No. 3 because she is more open and looks interesting.

  36. Nicole Sender says:

    First group #1 and second group #1. Thanks for the chance to vote!

  37. Shari says:

    I like #1 for the heroine grandmother She looks like her life has come to a change and she is looking for that something new! Remembering how a dog led to her sister out of the tree. She is ready to find out what has happened. What new adventure lies ahead.
    #3 embodies both sweet and Mexican. #1 doesn’t look Mexican to me. #2 looks Mexican but more ready for fun. While #3 looks both sweet and Mexican and like a fun go getter mom!

  38. Mary A Bowers says:

    I like #1 for the grandma because she looks like she’ll listen to her grandchildren and can keep secrets to, yet if you mess with her grandchildren she’ll kick butt. More to than meets the eye! As for book #2 I think #2 looks like a fun loving mom, but also her eyes even though they are shining have a depth to them that many can’t see.

  39. Janet Womack says:

    The first group #1. The second group #2.

  40. Glenda Fowlow says:

    Grandma #1 because she looks like a Grandma with a friendly face and lines around her eyes from smiling. She can be calm, thoughtful and fun. Grandma #3 looks arrogant, I think, so I would not recommend for a book cover.

    As for book cover daughter, choice 1 or 2 are very nice. #1 is more complicated and cerebral with the books whereas #2 looks spunky and full of life with sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile.

    Have fun choosing, thanks for asking for our input.

  41. Patricia Wright says:

    I would choose #1 because she looks like she could do whatever is needed.

    I would choose #2 because she looks the part

  42. Rosemarie Andreano says:

    For the grandmother I prefer model number 1. I just love her expression.
    For the other book, I like model number 3. That smile!

  43. Becky says:

    I would go with number 1.
    I think she looks more like she could be a grandmother.

  44. Jodi W says:

    I like model #1

  45. Debbie Kolins says:

    FIRST MODEL: I would go with #1 as she looks more like a grandmother.
    SECOND MODEL: I would go with #2 as she looks like she could be a daughter of immigrants and a single mom.

  46. I would choose number 1.She looks a grandmother who keeps herself in shape.She looks thoughtful and is old enough to have experienced life and would offer good advice.She is attractive but not perfect which is great for romance.She is old enough to know what she wants in life and not settle for anything less.

  47. EC says:

    For the first model/grandmother, I pick #1 because it seems like she’s thinking deep thoughts but still enjoying her drink.

    For the second model/single mom, I pick #2 because it seems like she encompass everything that is strong about her people and life in general.

    • EC says:

      As for the second choices of each model:

      First model/2nd choice, I pick #2 because she looks like a fun and smart heroine.

      Second model/2nd choice, I pick #3 because she looks like a lovable lady who loves life and her kid(s).

  48. Joy Williamson says:

    On the grandma book i like #4. She looks like she is trying to figure something out and is very determined to accomplish it.

    On the single mom book i like #3. I’m not sure why, she just looks like a nice person and someone I would like to know.

  49. Sharyl Fidoten says:

    Model #2 looks like someone who takes care of others but may often forget to take care of herself.
    Second choice is Model #3, looks younger than 50 but tough enough to handle life’s challenges.

  50. Bn100 says:

    #1 seems thoughtful

  51. Brenda Irvin says:

    Model #1 is the that would make me want to read about her more. She seems to be running different scenarios through her mind while immersed in her cup of java.

  52. Judy Skapik says:

    I forgot to add my 2nd choice. I think #3 also looks a bit apprehensive. What could she be thinking about?

  53. Judy Skapik says:

    I like #2 because the lady looks a bit unsettled and pensive. Her hair is lovely but also a bit unsettled which I like.
    This woman does not look like a grandmother but one whose child(ren) have grown and flown the coop. She seems to be wondering what is on the horizon for her.

  54. Liz S says:

    #3 is my first choice. She looks like she can make tough decisions, but doesn’t look mean. #1 is my second choice. She looks like someone who listens.

  55. Ingerlise says:

    I like the second picture as my first choice and the third as my second choice. They both look similar to women that I know in their fifties. The second woman pictured looks as if she has something on her mind to share. The third looks as if she has a secret.

  56. Karen Semones says:

    I think model #1 looks more like a grandmother and #2 is my next choice. The other two don’t look mature enough to be grandmothers.

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