Kindle Unlimited Giveaway-Lyn’s Included

 Treat Yourself to a Book win this square


LitRing recently updated its Kindle Unlimited library with books available to everyone! Won’t you help celebrate by entering the Treat Yourself to a Book Giveaway? Go here now to peruse the books and get your chances to win a Kindle Unlimited subscription, too >>

And if you aren’t a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, that’s okay–we have info on how you can claim your FREE trial of this exciting program.


About Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote welcomes other authors to her "Strong Women, Brave Stories" blog to share stories of women who triumph over the challenges common to all women.
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  1. Mrs. Stephen Veiga says:

    Of course! They have wisdom from real life experiences and have a special way to reach hearts. I believe that’s why grand-
    children share special time with their grandparents=they make time and listen to their hearts + they believe can be trusted.

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