Have You Ever Wondered About How Books Get Printed for You?

Maggie K Black

Thanks to author Maggie K Black, we can get a peek into how Harlequin, the publisher of Love Inspired books (Romance, Suspense and Historical lines) does its THING.

Here’s Maggie K Black:

Recently I got to visit the amazing team of customer service and warehouse people working at the Harlequin Distribution Center in Depew, New York.
?These are the incredible people whose job it is to talk to customers on the phone, recommend books, take orders, field any questions and then send books off to readers and bookstores.
?If you’re a member of a Harlequin or Love Inspired Book Club, or have ever called Customer Service, then you’ve probably talked to one of these great people directly, and if you’ve ever ordered a book online.

To read more, here’s the link.


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Here’s Maggie’s latest Love Inspired Suspense. To purchase, click here.

Kidnapped at Christmas


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