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  1. Yes, in the town my mother was born! It is one of my favorite places in the world to visit!

  2. I love lighthouses! I’ve visited several in the Carolinas and in Florida and a couple on the West Coast. My mom loves them so much – she decorates with them and I have gotten her several pieces of lighthouse jewelry. This seem like a unique type of book and I don’t think I have read any of your works. Thank you for this free gift! I imagine this is the first of many of your books I will read.

  3. Two years ago I was at the west coast and we just started randomly looking at lighthouses and then we tried to find all of them along the Oregon coast. The two I enjoyed the most – the smallest lighthouse and the one that had the story of a woman lighthouse keeper (I believe she was the first to ever accomplish it)

  4. I have climbed to the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in both its old and new locations. Magical!

  5. My son & wife & grandkids recently moved to Michigan and I understand there are several lighthouses to visit in that state. I have put that on the top of my Summer to do list!

  6. I love lighthouses. You’re so right about the history and nostalgia surrounding these beacons. The hope and grief contained within their walls is amazing. I’ve been to several but nothing in the Great Lakes. I hope to someday. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your book…just hit the order button. I have always loved lighthouses…climbed to the top of the lighthouse in St. Augustine. Magical! You make me want to start researching them now! Love this kind of history!
    Gay Idle/CaptiveHeart

  8. I collect lighthouses, that is how much I love them. I’ve been to a few, but my favorite was in NC on Sullivan’s Island, because of it’s triangular shape. We picnicked on the beach right underneath it!!! It is the favorite of what I have seen, there are so many more that are more beautiful, but geeze, it would cost a fortune to visit them all, but I would love it!!!

  9. I have visited a couple of lighthouses, but I have a friend who collects lighthouse items and takes vacations to visit lighthouses all over the coasts of the US.

  10. This has to be a record for the number of comments for a single post! So glad you all took part in the Scavenger Hunt and enjoyed Jody’s post on lighthouses.

    I’m planning on going to the Apostle Island (WI) boat tour to Rapsberry Island and take the tour there in the Great Lakes. I live on the opposite of Lake Michigan from Jody. Hi, neighbor!

  11. I just visited the Tybee Island, Georgia and the Sapelo Island, Georgia lighthouses this past weekend. The Tybee Island Lighthouse was great because it still has most of its support buildings around them including the original headkeepers house. Fabulous views as well from the top and only 178 steps so definitely doable. 🙂

  12. I love lighthouses. Though I have never visited any. I love pictures of them.

  13. I love lighthouses! I live in Ohio, and there is a small one in Marblehead, Ohio. I have the great pleasure of going to Cape Cod a few years back, to visit my boyfriends sister. and there are many beautiful ones there!

  14. I do like lighthouses and since I live on the West Coast have visited several here. I have also traveled to the East Coast and visited many there and find them interesting.

  15. They really interest me when I hear stories about them and see pictures but don’t ever expect to get to visit one. I couldn’t make it up that many stairs. I have two daughters very interested in them. Maxie

  16. I do like lighthouses – always have and expect always will. They seem so romantic to me. Hubby gave me a picture of a lighthouse several years ago – it was representative of Psalm 119:105. At first it hung in our dining room, but when we moved here, it hangs in our entry.
    I’ve seen some real lighthouses (in the distance), but have never visited one. Would like to some day though.

  17. I love lighthouses & have for years! I dreamed about being able to go in one. I finally got the chance while visiting a friend in Oregon. It was completely awesome, the view from the top was beautiful. I would love to visit some more.

    Thank you Ms. Hedlund for the free story, I’m looking forward to. reading it.
    Thank you both for hosting in the scavenger hunt.

  18. I love lighthouses. I was blessed with the opportunity to see one while I was student teaching in Wisconsin a few years ago (28 years, to be exact!!). I just loved it!!

  19. I love lighthouses. I’ve seen them from afar..not been in one that i can remember. I saw one in N.C.(Cape Hatteras) and one in Port Townsend,Washington. 🙂

  20. Yes ~ ~ on our honeymoon 30 years ago; and returning. Cana Island ~ my favorite ~ boasts a gravel path now, but at that time, freezing cold water covered to your ankles! I almost fell in among the rocks and waves while taking a photo. We climbed lookout towers with many steps. I too am drawn to lighthouses. Love the painting of the man secure amid the rushing waves. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  21. I’ve always loved lighthouses, and wanted to go up into one. I finally got my chance when we visited my son on the east coast! We went to see the lighthouse at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Happily they had tours going up into it, and so we went. The lighthouse is no longer near the water as it once was, due to changing coastlines, but is still in use. It was hot inside, and the climb up was a bit tiring, but I loved it. Afterwards my husband, two daughters and I went through the lighthouse museum there, full of lots of cool lighthouse facts. I have a refrigerator magnet that I look at every day to remind me of my first lighthouse trip!

  22. I think lighthouses are really cool! Though I have never visited one:( which is sad! But I think it would be cool 🙂

  23. i have visted a few – Nova Scotia, Chicago and Maine. all three were working lighthouses, not just historical spots.

  24. I have only been to a couple lighthouses and have loved them! I love the romance of them and imagining the history each one has seen.

  25. I would love to visit a lighthouse, I do not live anywhere near one. All my life I have lived in a very rural area of pa, with plenty of countryside.

  26. Love the concept of lighthouses; protecting the ships against the rocks. What a picture of Christ. Being from Michigan, also, I have seen lighthouses along Lake Michigan.

  27. I love light houses . I have visit some in different places . Some in Florida . It has been a while back . I love them . Thanks for the interview . Have not read your books , but always love to try new authors .

  28. My husband and I visited several lighthouses in Michigan this summer. The one we had to work the hardest to get to was Big Red in Holland, MI. Cool place!

  29. I love lighthouses, but we lived far enough away from them, that I rarely ever saw one. You are correct, stories swirl in my mind when I consider lighthouses and the surroundings. There is romance, drama, danger, etc… that is represented in those remarkable edifices. I already read Out of the Storm, so I was especially drawn to the old Presque Isle lighthouse. What a fun trip that must have been. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the interview very much. 🙂

  30. I’ve never seen a lighthouse in real life, but have always thought they’re kind of cool. 🙂 Ooh, can’t wait to read Out of the Storm! Thank you. ^_^

  31. We have a lot of lighthouses on our Oregon coast. I have been to most of them, only inside of a couple. They are so fascinating.

  32. I LOVE lighthouses & stories about lighthouses. I’ve gotten to see some (but its been a while & can’t remember where), but I’ve never gotten to go inside one. I love the stories around them though! Thanks for the fun info & scavenger hunt!

  33. My husband and I LOVE lighthouses and just returned from a trip to Michigan, touring the lighthouses on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Big Sable Point was my favorite lighthouse on this trip and I encourage you to check it out. I have also visited several lighthouses in Maine, Outer Banks, New Jersey, Maryland – lots of lighthouses, my husband and I take a lighthouse vacation every year. I haven’t read Out of the Storm yet but already have it downloaded. Coincidentally, right this minute I am reading Captured by Love.

  34. I am fascinated by lighthouses. Since moving to FL, I have had the opportunity to visit quite a few. I never realized the variety in styles before.

  35. I love lighthouses but unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to visit one.

  36. I like lighthouses and have visited a few, but only one ( small one) that I ever climbed was in Crown Point , N. Y.

  37. Hi everyone!! Thank you all for participating in the Scavenger Hunt! Isn’t it fun? 🙂

    And lighthouses are my newest obsession! As part of my bucket list I’d like to eventually visit all of the major lighthouses in Michigan! They’re SO beautiful!

  38. Maine has so many beautiful lighthouses, and I’ve visited a number of them! I’m partial to the Rockland Breakwater Light though. There is a story that goes with that visit involving Mom asking if I had enough film, and me running out of film halfway out on the breakwater! (Always listen to your mom, no matter how old you are!)

  39. My son grew up with a love for lighthouses….he is now 21 & still has his collection in his room. We rarely visited the beach when he was growing up-in hindsight, we should have! But I think his love of lighthouses also developed a love for beaches….he loves them too! We “visited” many by driving by as he was older. Our most memorable to me was the Cape May NJ Lighthouse…we climbed the 394 stairs and I am afraid of heights…terrified! LOVED IT! God is so awesome…when we arrived at the top we had not only the fabulous view, but we were able to enjoy a school of dolphins frolicking with 2 kayakers in the surf!

    thanks for the freebie 🙂

  40. I love lighthouses and especially the scenes they bring to memories. My childhood days were spent in New England and lighthouses were along the horizon, warning mariners of the rocky coastline. Many childhood vacations were spent in the shadows of lighthouses while we romped and played at Nana’s Maine summer home.
    Also, I found my favorite Lighthouse while still a child. It was the Word of God which became the light to my path and a lamp for my feet. It helped me find a spiritual haven in Jesus Christ. Throughout many adult storms, God’s Lighthouse has led me safely to the promises of a loving God, a solid rock, and the hope of an eternal home. With the songwriter, I sing “And I thank God for the Lighthouse…If it wasn’t for this Lighthouse, where would this poor ship be!”
    Thank you for the beautiful photos of Lighthouses you found in your research. I know I’ll enjoy reading your book.

  41. Lyn, loved your book Honor and have enjoyed Jody’s book also. Lighthouses have always interested me and I’m fortunate to live near the first gas powered lighthouse on Lake Erie.

  42. I do like lighthouses! I have never been inside a lighthouse, but I have seen one from a distance in Virginia Beach.

  43. Love Light Houses! We went to our sons graduation at Harvard and he took us to the Cape to see a Light House that has an interesting history that includes it’s relocation.

    Also my Step-Father was a water color artist and traveled all over the world and painted many Light Houses and published a book of those light houses.

  44. We love lighthouses. That is what our living room is decorated with. No, we have never visited one. If I could visit a lighthouse, we would like to sleep overnite in it.

  45. Jody, I love lighthouses and had a few opportunities to visit some over a couple of family vacations back in 2012 and 2013. They’re so beautiful, and they each have loads of stories to tell.

    Thanks for sharing the YouTube video of Rend Collective’s “My Lighthouse”. I’ve never heard of this band before, and that song is amazing!


  46. I was raised along Lake Michigan where there are plenty of lighthouses. I love ours that is in St. Joe MI. I also wanted to drive the Outer Banks and I got to go inside and walked up the stairs of the lighthouse in Curretuck (I am not sure if I have the spelling right) Sound. Once I got to the top what a beautiful sight to see the Sound on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. I also could see the wild horses. It was a sight I will always remember!

  47. Our family loves lighthouses. We live near Lake Michigan and have visited many lighthouses in the Midwest, California and Maine.

  48. My husband and I toured a Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. It was amazing. Our legs were pretty sore after climbing all those steps.

  49. I find lighthouses fascinating especially reading about their history. The only lighthouse I’ve been able to visit was a small one on Martha Vineyard’s Island. I would love to visit more lighthouses. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity. Thank you for participating in the scavenger hunt.

  50. I’ve visited quiet a few light houses. Love them. I’ve been to Nubble Light and the Portland Headlight both in Maine. I always think about the Light keeper and what it must have been like or is like for them to live at the Light House and be a beacon for wayfaring souls.

  51. I love them but I have never been to one 🙁 It’s on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing your book! I can’t wait to read it.

  52. I have been to the lighthouse at Point Loma, Ca. and would like to go to more. My screensaver is a lighthouse and have een researching to see where it’s located.

  53. We have visited a few lighthouses. Lake Erie has several that we have seen, including the one at Presque Isle. I have also been to the one at Chincoteague Island.

  54. I have never visited a lighthouse, but would love to someday. Will have to visit one via your novels, for now! 🙂

  55. I do like lighthouses. Most recently we visited the lighthouse in Corolla on the Outer Banks.

  56. I have only been to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum and enjoyed the rich history of it. I would love to visit more lighthouses.

  57. Love lighthouses one summer we visited almost all of the lighthouses in Michigan. A few we were allowed to climb to the top what a treat!

  58. I don’t recall ever seeing a lighthouse in person, but love pictures of them.

  59. i have been to a couple of lighthouses in Door County WI, but not in them. I find them fascinating.

  60. I can’t ever remember visiting a lighthouse but they’ve always fascinated me.

  61. Thanks so much for the free novella. I’m excited to read it. I hadn’t heard that song about lighthouses either. It gives a powerful message that I’ll think of everytime I see the picture of a lighthouse.

  62. I love visiting lighthouses. So far I have not had an opportunity to visit any of the New England lighthouses. My favorite is Bodie Island Lighthouse on the NC Outer Banks. I’m looking forward to getting back there to climb to the top.

  63. I love lighthouses and have read and visited many as I live in Florida!! Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks!

  64. I love to read and often have 3 or 4 books going at the same time. I look forward to reading Out of the Storm. Thank you.

  65. Lighthouse are something I have read several books about and I enjoyed them
    I have visited several on Lake Erie

  66. Lynn, how utterly fascinating that your hero is deaf. i can hardly wait to read about it. thanks, Jodi for your free novella. i have never seen a real life lighthouse, as i live in landlocked Alberta or Arizona, but love to read about them!

  67. I have never been to one, though I have seen a few from a distance. I do like them and know that God is my light and my fortress and in only him can I trust to guide me safely home.

  68. I live in Oregon & I have been to all of the lighthouses here except for Cape Arago which is not accessible. I’ve been to lighthouses in WA & CA too.

  69. I have never seen a lighthouse, but in recent years have developed an interest in them. I hope to see some soon. Thank you for your e-book. I look forward to reading it.

  70. Funny, I am posting and the comment before me is sharing something similar. I used to live in Maine, and one of the things l loved was taking my son to the light houses. Our favorite was also the Portland Head Light, but I also love Cape Neddick Light. Ahhh I miss them here in Arizona. 🙂

  71. I love lighthouses. The only one I have visited was in Virginia Beach, VA. My friend and I climbed to the top and it was well worth as the view was awesome. I hope to get to New England and visit more one of these days.

  72. We visited a lighthouse in Point Arena, California once. Sadly it was closed as we came on the wrong day. It was lovely though.

  73. I love lighthouses. I have actually only visited on and it was in Virginia Beach, VA. My friend and I climbed up to the top (we were kinda worn out when we got there, LOL) and the view was awesome!!! Hope to get to New England some day and visit some lighthouses there too.

  74. I became attracted to lighthouses way back when Eugenia Price wrote about the lighthouse built on St..Simon’s Island in Georgia, and made many trips just because I was so attracted to other things on the island. I knew that the original lighthouse had been destroyed, but a new one was built, which I toured. There were attractions and references to the lighthouse all over the island.

  75. I have a lighthouse passport book that I get stamped with each visit to a lighthouse. I see the Pt. Loma one most often as I live in San Diego County and also get in free since it is a National Monument and we have the Senior pass. I enjoy the looks of the lighthouses most of all and then the history.

  76. Hi Jody and Lyn, I’ve been to Michigan with my husband and his family. We visited several lighthouses and even a couple in your pictures, the first and third one. Jenny
    My mom loves lighthouses and I do to.

  77. I love lighthouses. My favorite is Nubble Light in Maine. They always remind me of how God is a lamp in our life guiding us through the storms.

  78. I do like lighthouses, but, then, I grew up in Maine on the Atlantic coast, where we have 57 active lights. I have visited 4 lighthouses in Maine: Portland Head Light, West Quoddy Head, Little River Light, and Burnt Coat Harbor Light on Swans Island. Portland Head Light is one of the most photographed and featured lighthouses, and it is beautiful. Burnt Coat Harbor Light is my personal favorite, because my grandparents lived on the island for a few years, so visits there were associated with fond memories!

  79. There is alight house in Hannible Missouri. Never been up in it, but the climb up to the light house is fun!!

  80. There is a light house in Hanneble Missouri. Never been in it but the climb up to it is fun.

  81. I am fascinated by lighthouses too. Amongst other travelling I would love to do, I’d love to do a tour of lighthouses!

  82. I like lighthouses-and reading about them, but have never been in one. My SIL, however, grew up in Michigan & LOVES them. I know we will both like your books!

  83. I like lighthouses. There are two not far from my parents’ house in Virginia Beach.

  84. Lovely photos!

    I’ve seen one of the lighthouse in Hilton Head (can’t remember the name of it.) 🙂

  85. I have not been to a lighthouse yet, but I do love paintings of them. Perhaps someday I will get to see on in person.

  86. My bathroom is in a nautical design so I love the lighthouses and seashells. I have read the book Out of the Storm, and my favorite part was when she was brave enough to climb the tower. Hope I’m not giving away the story. A most pleasant book. .

  87. I love that song! Rend Collecetive is one of my favorite Christian bands. “My Lighthouse” and “Burn Like a Star” are two of my favorite songs by them.

  88. I used to live in Grand Haven, Michigan, and loved going out to the lighthouse and sit and watch the waves come in. It was so peaceful and calm!

  89. I also have to add, that I love the idea of Lyn having a person who is deaf as a character! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  90. Oh, my…I was so excited that Jody is writing about lighthouses! I have a novel in the works with a lighthouse in the backdrop. I can’t wait to read her book! Plus, I am a Michigander as well! Thank you for this post!

  91. I have never seen a lighthouse. I would love to see one. They look so beautiful. Thanks!

  92. I was able to visit Marblehead up by Lake Erie, and I just loved it. I buy every book I see that is located near or at lighthouses. LOL God bless you as you write!!

  93. I’ve never visited one… yet. First off, I live in Utah. No lighthouses here that I know of! 😉

    But my husband and I were invited to bid on building a website for the Lighthouse Preservation Society. While researching their current site, I became fascinated with Lighthouses. One day, I will visit some!

  94. I do enjoy lighthouses! I worked in photo retail for quite sometime. At one point I would place orders for customers who wanted to have pictures matted and framed. A gentleman came in with three he wanted framed, all lighthouses, and I’ll never forget this one ( just wish I could remember the name of of it). A raging body of water surrounded this lighthouse. Not just at ground level but just under the gallery, as Jody called it. On the gallery is a man standing there looking up at the photographer! The picture was breathtaking! The photographer took it from a helicopter if I remember correctly. I’ll never forget that photograph.

  95. I think I visited a lighthouse when I was young. We use to go to NC for vacation each summer.

  96. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! I love lighthouses and visited several while we were vacationing in the Outer Banks several years ago.

  97. I collect lighthouse items for years. I subscribe to the Lighthouse a Digest.
    I have been to the Harbor Town Light, Owl’s Head, Quoddy , Presque Isle,
    Assateague Island, Cape Hatteras, Barnegat Bay, Cleveland Light Houses,
    Key West, Portland.

  98. Jody, my husband and I recently went to the Outer Banks for our 30th Wedding Anniversary and visited three of the lighthouses there. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Bodie (pronounced body) Island Lighthouse, and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. I had to beg off the Ocracoke Island Lighthouse because it meant a ferry ride and I get seasick! My husband climbed to the top of all three while I stayed firmly on the ground taking pictures! It was wonderful. I love lighthouses and have for many years. Thomas Kinkade’s paintings of lighthouses with the wild sea are my favorites. I already had a copy of your novella, as soon as I see a book with a lighthouse in it, it is mine!

    God bless. Kim

  99. Lighthouses are so awesome! I grew up near one on the Bolivar Peninsular near Galveston, TX. I also attend Lighthouse Worship Center.

  100. I really enjoyed the Scavenger hunt. I enjoyed the last one, too. I ordered Judy’s Out of the Storm today and can’t wait to read it. I love all your books, too and have read most. Lady Sarah was just great on e-mail. Thanks for all. Charlene

  101. I’ve never had an opportunity to visit a lighthouse. I have a friend that visits various ones frequently and cross-stitches pictures of them. I’ve told her about Jodi’s new lighthouse series and she’s eagerly waiting!

  102. Many thanks for Out of the Storm. I can’t wait to read it. Loved the Scavenger hunt, too.

  103. I’ve always thought light houses were beautiful and I would love to live as the caretaker for a lighthouse (or would that be in a lighthouse). I’ve never been to a lighthouse.

  104. Vacation in maine love lighthouses wow agreat way to find authors that I did not know till today. Thanks.

  105. We went to about 5 in Maine along the coast – Bug light, and a few others. My husband loves them.

  106. Hi Lyn, you have my special friend Jody, Have read all her work and just love them, thanks for your spot in the scavenger hunt today…

  107. Love lighthouses. They have always fascinated me. Thank you for the free story!!

  108. I love lighthouses! Our family spent many summers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and enjoyed visiting the many lighthouses in that area. Another favorite of mine is the Key West Florida lighthouse. Climbing up to the top is a bit dizzying but I so love the view!

  109. I think lighthouses are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful post!!! I have “out of the storm” and loved it!!!
    I’ll make sure I post a review on amazon, B&N, goodreads etc for you too… Reading and reviewing books is my hobby 😉 Have a wonderful day and God bless!

  110. I live in Maine so have been to quite a few lighthouses. I’m fascinated by them. My favorite is Portland Head Lighthouse. I also enjoy seeing Quoddy Head in Lubec.

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