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  1. When I was growing up I wanted to be a travel agent so I could travel the world. That didn’t work out for me, I ended up working for the Federal government for 40 years, but now that I’m retired I’m doing all the travel I want.

  2. I always wanted to be am librarian but it never worked out.It probable wouldn’t have been a good fit because I would never get anything done because I would always be reading the books.

  3. I wanted to learn to fly planes. Developed a chronic inner ear problem so became a wife & mother. Never wanted a career but am now retired from such. Not what I planned for my life but am reasonably happy. God is good!

    I have your first Chicory Inn novel which I really enjoyed. Look forward to the others.

  4. I wanted to and handcrafted jewelry including earrings and necklaces. I also purchased some to resell. I displayed in a shop and though tit was going fairly well until items started disappearing without being paid for. After 10 rings disappeared, I became quite disappointed and finally decided it was not for me. Later I found out the cameras that were there were not hooked up (were just for looks). I could not get myself back into the handcrafting and definitely could not try to deal with the store again.

  5. I thought about being something in the medical field ,but hate needles and blood so didn’t.

  6. I never did anything that wasn’t a good fit for me. But when married and moved to Arizona, I got a CPA job and when they kept wanting to add hours and send to do audits not for more. I had a boss hard to please as well as a perfectionist husband so quit. jrs0350 @ yahoo dot com

  7. I thought I’d like to do catering after I retired. Now I don’t have the energy required plus I only want to make certain items!

  8. I always thought I wanted to be a social worker but after working for DCF in a paraprofessional position I decided it wasn’t for me. I stayed with support staff instead.

  9. My mother was a nurse, so I considered that. But when realizing what all nurses have to deal with, and the fact that seeing someone else’s bloody wound makes me faint, I decided that wasn’t a good choice for me.

  10. Yes, I thought hubby and I should purchase a beach house and rent it out when we were not using it. But, God had other plans for us. Income changed and that would not have been a good fit for us. God always knows best. We just need to listen to Him. 🙂

  11. When I was a little girl, I thought I would grow up to be a writer of some type….music, poetry, books?? But…when I grew up, I realized that I do not have the talent for it….I have read thousands of books in my lifetime but when I sit down to try to write something, I cannot quiet my mind long enough to do it….So, I decided that I am just going to always be an avid reader!! And I love Deborah’s books as well as yours, Lyn!!!

  12. I thought I might love skiing. I was wrong and it was not something I should spend my time doing, even though my ski instructor husband was sure I would love to do this with him. No, we will have to do something else together, that just wasn’t the right thing for me.

  13. As a science teacher I have become very interested in space exploration and the thought of being an astronaut excites me. But my age and place in life make that unrealistic so I get to pretend by participating in workshops and space camps that provide amazing experiences!

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