Author Kimberly Rose Johnson & Designed with Love

In Love and War
 Karen Rose Johnson
Author Kimberly Rose Johnson is my guest today. She is sharing about her latest novella DESIGNED WITH LOVE and is offering a giveaway of a previous work Here’s Karen:

Designed with Love is my contribution to the collection, LOVE AND WAR.

home again

After a broken engagement Jessie Morgan returns home to Silver Springs, Oregon to pursue a career as a landscaper and landscape architect, but her ex who is also from her hometown follows her, wreaking havoc on her new business and her personal life.

an opportunity

When Jessie sees an ad for a contest looking for the host of a new landscape television show she decides to enter, but she doesn’t count on her once best friend Scott Meyers and her ex entering too. However, she is not deterred.

she has grit

Jessie shows strength through her grit. When her ex says some extremely hurtful things to her, she doesn’t let his words destroy her. When everything seems to be hopeless, she doesn’t give up.  

support network

She has a wonderful support network that encourages her and reminds her to look to the Lord for healing and help. Often times people consider a person weak when they need to rely on the Lord to get them through a rough time, but in my opinion that kind of faith takes a lot of strength.

a different kind of strength

It takes courage to admit when you are not enough on your own and that you need help. Jessie has that kind of courage and that determination to see it though.

Be sure to answer the QUESTION below. I will give any one of the books in the Wildflower Island B&B Romance series in a Kindle format–winners choice. “–Kimberly

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 In Love and War
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Designed with Love
To save her fledgling landscape business, Jessie Morgan is determined to win an important design competition–even though her major competitors are ex-fiancé Brendon Jacobs and one-time best friend Scott Meyers. Tensions are high in the quaint town of Silver Springs, Oregon as neighbors and friends take sides. Will Brendon drive Jessie and Scott farther apart, or will they join forces…and find love in the process?
QUESTION: Have you ever had to ask for help? Leave a comment and win your choice of Kimberly Rose Johnson’s B & B stories.–Lyn
 PS-Winner of Debrorah Raney’s book is Margie. Congrats!

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9 Responses to Author Kimberly Rose Johnson & Designed with Love

  1. Linda Walters says:

    21 years ago, I had surgery and needed help with bathing my son. My church sent a women to help.

    • Kimberly Rose Johnson says:

      That is so wonderful that they did that, Linda! I’m glad they were there for you.

  2. Kimberly Rose Johnson says:

    Thanks for hosting me, Lyn. I’m sorry I’m late!

  3. Joye says:

    Not really. I am a self motivated type of person who usually does for myself.

  4. Melissa Davison says:

    Yes about 15 years ago, my boyfriend at the time went to jail and I had 3 small children. I had to ask my mom for help and also the church. They both helped me out till I got on my own 2 feet. It was a rough time, but we made it through??

    • Kimberly Rose Johnson says:

      I’m glad you had people there who could help. That does sound like a really difficult time.

  5. Sunnie says:

    There has been a time in my life about 10 years ago, when I needed help very much because of some health problems. I hated to ask my mom, but I did and she was able to help me through it. It was a really rough time, but things are better now.

    • Kimberly Rose Johnson says:

      Hi, Sunnie. I’m glad to hear that things are better now. It’s tough to ask for help, I’m glad you did and she was able to help you.

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