Amish Author Kathleen Fuller & Finding Strength Within — 23 Comments

  1. Zimele means to stand on owns own feet. What a wonderful organization that empowers women to be self sufficient.

  2. Zimele is to confront the causes of poverty so they will be able to be self-sufficient so they can build a brighter future for themselves and their family! Thanks for the chance to win Kathleen’s book! Know it is a great book!

  3. Zimele’s philosophy revolves around the goal of becoming self sufficient.

  4. Zimele means “to stand on one’s own to feet” this is great to learn so many need to learn these words.

  5. “Zimele” means “to stand on one’s own two feet”. And helping others to stand on their own feet is awesome!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity to win and for introducing me to Ziele.
    This is a very profound thought as far as I am concerned and one that seems to describe some of what Ziele is doing:
    “Empowering a life for tomorrow, not just sustaining a life for today”

  7. It means the fair treatment of women and helping them to stand on their own two feet. I really want to win Letters to Katie!!! 🙂

  8. Zimele Teaches people to be self sufficiant. People who are given a reason to believe they can make a better life for themselves…be self sufficiant and to rise above adversary! The devil likes to keep us weak and dependant….thus crushing our spirits. Compassion Int’l helps install teaching and skills to do this and more! Christ’s messengers in person!

  9. Means to stand on one’s own two feet. They are empowering them with the resources, skills, and support networks to help their families and build their communities. It gives them hope, shows that someone cares and helps them become a independent person.

  10. to stand one ones own feet. Cant wait to see if i won so i can give it to my mom, avid amish book reader!

  11. They want to promote the fair and righteous treatment of women and children.

  12. Zimele program focus is to do an internal journey of the people. Helping them to live a life of abundance in their communities.
    Would love the chance to win your book. God Bless.

  13. To stand on one’s own 2 feet. Would love to read and have this book. I am just amazed at the wonderful books about the Amish Culture. Will be headed East soon and try to visit some Amish communities. Can’t wait!

  14. I like that Zimele is confronting the root causes of poverty and helping the women become self-sufficient. And I also support Compassion International. 🙂

  15. Wow what an awesome organization! This is the first time I have heard about it and I think it’s so fascinating that Zimele means to stand on your own two feet! It’s even cooler that this is their hope for Africa to be able to stand on their own feet! I think with them working with one woman at a time as well as community is the best way for an internal transformation with Jesus!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  16. It means to stand on one’s own two feet…..sounds like a great ministry.
    Anxious to read Kathleen’s book.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I’m so excited about this post! I am reading my first book by Kathleen “A Man of His Word” and will be starting An Honest Love today! Can’t wait for Letters to Katie!!
    “Zimele” means “to stand on one’s own two feet”
    Zimele has empowered over 1,200 women in the past 5 years with the skills, resources, and support networks to build a brighter future for their families and communities
    makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

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