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Jean C Gordon

Author Jean C Gordon is my guest today. Her heroine in The Bachelor’s Sweetheart is a unique heroine. Jean is offering a copy of her this newest book but you’ll have to wait till it’s released August 1st. Watch for the QUESTION below. Here’s Jean:

One Day at a Time

Tessa Hamilton treasures the security Schroon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains and her grandparents who live there have given her. The only child of dedicated missionaries in Africa, Tessa had an almost nomadic childhood. The contrasting serenity Schroon Lake provided, along with the unconditional love of her grandparents and her faith gave her the support she needed to overcome an alcohol addiction she developed in college. She’d tried too hard—and in all the wrong ways— fit in with other students who came from traditional backgrounds.

An Unintentional Secret

After she completed rehab, Tessa moved in with her grandmother in Schroon Lake to run the family movie theater her grandfather had left. She never intended to keep the fact that she’s a recovering alcoholic secret. It just worked that way. The new friends she made at the singles group at Hazardtown Community Church didn’t find her abstinence from alcohol strange because they don’t drink either. But she does attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in neighboring towns, rather than in Schroon Lake. And she knows her being a recovering alcoholic could affect her buddy status with Josh Donnelly, who grew up with an alcoholic father who was essentially the town drunk, and the partnership Tessa and Josh have formed to renovate the theater.

The Reckoning

When Josh’s long-missing father returns to town, now a year into recovery, Tessa knows she has to come clean with Josh and risk losing not only her best friend, but also their blossoming romance. She also believes that to have any future together, even just as the best friends they are, Josh has to hear his father’s amends. He also has to accept that she’s an alcoholic, the same as his father is, and that his father isn’t going to “ruin” her as he ruined so many things for Josh and his brothers when they were growing up. Josh has to see that she has the same potential to tempt his father’s sobriety as his father has to tempt hers and to “ruin” things Josh cares about.

This book was the hardest I’ve written and, ultimately, the most rewarding to me. I’ve experienced firsthand with my youngest brother the toll alcoholism, any addiction, takes on family and friends. The book is dedicated to his memory.”–Jean

The Bachelor's Sweetheart

To purchase, click here.

Here’s the QUESTION to be entered into a drawing for a copy of Jean’s book in August. How does a person overcome prejudice OR not let the past ruin the present?–Lyn

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PS. Last week’s winner of a digital or audio copy of Renee Ryan’s JOURNEY’S END are Connie Saunders
 and Diana Holvik. Congrats!


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8 Responses to Author Jean C Gordon & One Day at a Time-

  1. The day got away from, and this is my first chance to check in. Thank you for your comments. Christine, Nancy, Diana, Carol and Patricia.

  2. Diana Holvik says:

    I know I already commented but at that time I hadn’t read the full synopsis. This book sounds great and I love the ongoing saga of Schroon Lake. I had an alcoholic brother who just couldn’t manage to saty off the alcohol despite much support and many tries. He was a Christian and believed God was helping him, but when he quit the alchohol his Depression [he had Bipolar Disorder] was so severe he said he couldn’t tolerate it, and he’d feel suicidal. In the end he drank himself to death at age 48 and I sometimes wonder if he committed slow suicide. His doctor told him two years before his death that if he didn’t stop drinking he had six months. God gave him [and us] two years. Thank you for writing this book. When I read it it will mean a lot to me.


  3. patricia rose says:

    we have to pray and turn it over to the Lord. and leave it there, which is very hard to do/ we all need forgiveness sometimes.

  4. Carol Smith says:

    Great cover on this book… simple and peaceful.
    To over prejudice and hurts one need to first turn to the Lord.
    He will give you the strength to calm your emotions. He will
    bring you to peace then you will be able to look at all the
    good around you and let you bad feelings evaporate. It is
    not easy but healthy for one.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.

  5. Diana Holvik says:

    I just popped in here to chack out your book Jean and lo and behok=ld discovered I had won last week’s book draw. Thanks for posting that. I haven’t looked at my email for a couple of days, I presume it’s somewhere in all my emails.
    Anyway, I wanted to say, your book cover is gorgeous. I love your books and your writing so I’m really looking forward to this one. Blessings.!!!

  6. Nancy Goldberg Levine says:

    I agree with Christine.

  7. Christine Bush says:

    The older I get.. the more “past” there is to deal with. I’m learning to cherish the good memories, let go of the rest, and mostly, find gratitude in TODAY!