Author Lisa Watson–When the Lord Speaks…You’d Better Listen!

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My guest today is secular author Lisa Watson whom I discovered over at Shades of Romance Lisa writes for Harlequin’s Kimani Romance line, a secular line. I asked Lisa to share her experience in writing for a Guidepost devotional book in order to remind us that many secular authors also love Jesus. Here’s Lisa:

When God Creates an Opportunity

“I’ve learned that when God creates an opportunity for me, or presents a path I’m supposed to walk, it comes as a right place, right time prospect, or subtle suggestions.  I’m a published author and I write multicultural romances.  I love writing about strong characters drawn together by love, respect and familial ties.  I go about learning in a by-the-book manner, and never “wing” it when it comes to information I’m not well-versed on.  However, when this opportunity presented itself, I learned the true power of being brave, and just what faith was all about.

It started with a phone call.

My agent presented me with an opportunity.  She prefaced it with, “I know this is out of your comfort zone, but…” and asked if I were interested in writing for the new Mornings with Jesus devotional that Guideposts was publishing for 2013.  My first response was…Seriously? Me?  I pondered if I could even write a devotional, and what I would possibly have to say since I wasn’t a Christian fiction author, and not that knowledgeable.  But, like I said earlier, I believe that when we’re called to do something, especially out of our comfort zone, it’s for a purpose.

I asked my husband his opinion.

He said, “Can you write devotionals?”  I replied, “I don’t know, but apparently, I’m supposed to find out.”  I was intuitive enough to realize that God guided me toward this project for a reason.  I called her back and agreed.
I received a sample format and my deadline.  They wanted forty devotionals per author.  At first I worried.  “I’m not well-versed in scriptures…I’m hardly the most religious person I know…what if I made a mess of it?”  I decided to turn off the self-doubt and listen.  I had to be calm to hear the answers: That not being well versed in scriptures would help, not hinder me.  To trust that the words would be there when I needed them, my devotionals would be relevant, and would touch who they were supposed to.

I’d have Divine guidance to help me down my path—it was true.

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Scriptures that Moved Me

The words just flowed out of me and onto the page.  I found scriptures that moved me, and could relate them back to something that occurred in my life, or in someone’s life I knew.  Words can’t express how amazing the experience was—my cup runneth over.  The most memorable moment was receiving the first fan mail I’ve ever received by U.S. Mail.  It was a Thank You card from someone thanking me for writing my devotionals, and to say that I’d done a great job.  That what I said resonated in a profound way.
Had I not heeded God’s gentle prompting, I would’ve missed an opportunity to grow and touch readers in need of inspiration.  The abundant blessings wouldn’t have occurred had I not been strong enough to step outside of my comfort level—or had faith enough to walk my path.”–Lisa

Thanks, Lisa. I’m glad you took the challenge God laid before you.

QUESTION: Have any of you been faced with an opportunity to do something for God that challenged you? How did you respond? What happened?–Lyn

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2 Responses to Author Lisa Watson–When the Lord Speaks…You’d Better Listen!

  1. Lisa Watson says:

    Hi Piper!
    Thanks so much for your comment. You were picked to do the work laid before you for a reason. The fact that you can’t seem to find anyone else to take up the charge is telling. 🙂 God chose you for this new task and I know you are going to do it with grace and style! And you’re right. We all get in our comfort zones and it’s so easy to stay in them, but we need to challenge ourselves, shake things up and see what happens. That’s usually when we’re open, and more receptive to receiving blessings.

    Be Inspired…


  2. Piper says:

    Hi Lisa and Lyn!

    I think that the kind of writing that I’m doing now speaks to rising to God’s challenges. I looked all around to see if anyone else would do this work and it seems that I’ve had to take on the task. It has not been easy, but I feel as if the writing that I am doing has a purpose and I find joy in that. When new opportunities come up, we must not remain closed, but open to new possibilities. I’m glad that you were able to remain open, Lisa, not a lot of people do.
    Have a great day Ladies!