Author Milinda Jay & I REMEMBER MAMA (Book Giveaway)

Milinda Stephenson

I’ve never hosted author Milinda Jay before. She shares another touching story, I REMEMBER MAMA. BTW, she will be offering a copy of her latest book HER ROMAN PROTECTOR to one commenter so don’t miss THE QUESTION. Here’s Milinda:

I Remember Mama

My mother is 89 and has dementia. Some days she recognizes me. Other days, she stares vacantly into space. But memories of her beloved mother linger.

“Tell me about your mama,” I said when I visited her yesterday.

She looked out beyond the shade of the old oak tree. Her watery blue eyes focused on something I couldn’t see. She was quiet for a while, battling nothingness.

When she spoke, her sentences were garbled, but I said her words back to her, as if they made sense. Eventually, a story evolved.

“When I was in elementary school, my friend and I practiced twirling our batons on the same field as the senior high majorettes. One day, we hid behind azalea bushes, and copied everything they did. I asked Mama if she thought it would be ok if we kept on doing this. She said she believed so. We practiced their every move. The new routine was hard, different from anything we’d ever dared to do.  But after a few weeks, we got it.

I nearly dropped my baton one day when the captain turned to us and said over the azalea bushes, “Would you like perform our routine with us Friday night?”

“You mean at the football game in front of everybody?”

“Yes,” the captain said. “I believe you are ready.”

“And we did.” Mama’s faded blue eyes brightened for a moment. “We were so happy.”

Then she turned to me, “Remember that, Milinda. Always be ready to change and learn something new. You will find joy.”

And then my sweet mama went back inside of herself, gazing at something I couldn’t see.

I remember my mama’s words. The heroine of my novel, Her Roman Protector, must change and learn a new way of life after her husband forces her out of her home, remarries, and tries to have their infant exposed to the slave traders. I would love for you to join her in her fight to regain her children, and meet the man who makes it possible.”–Milinda

Roman Protector

To purchase, click here. Her Roman Protector (Love Inspired Historical)

A Mother’s Mission

When her baby is stolen out of her arms, noblewoman Annia will do anything to find her—even brave the treacherous back alleys of Rome to search for her. Desperate to be reunited with her daughter, Annia finds herself up against a fierce Roman soldier who insists her baby is safe. Dare she trust him?

Rugged war hero Marcus Sergius rescues abandoned babies for his mother’s villa orphanage. When he witnesses Annia’s courageous fight for her child, he remembers that some things are worth fighting for. Helping Annia means giving up his future…unless love is truly possible for a battle-hardened Roman legionary.

Thanks for sharing that tender story, Milinda. Remember one commenter will win a copy of this book in this week’s drawing.

Now here’s the QUESTION: Have you ever had to deal with a loved one suffering from dementia? How did you handle it?–Lyn

PS-Lillian won Missy Tippens book! Congrats!


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15 Responses to Author Milinda Jay & I REMEMBER MAMA (Book Giveaway)

  1. Janet Johnson says:

    Milinda, I thought about you earlier today. Mom, Brenda, and I looked through old Cove School photos. One cute picture was when y’all had Miss Wanda Norris ( now Sherman ).

  2. Janet Johnson says:

    Milinda, I was thinking about you earlier today. Mom, Brenda, and I looked through old Cove School photos. One cute picture was when y’all had Miss Wanda Norris (now Sherman) for combined 3rd/4th grade.

  3. Sarah Ann Gay says:

    Precious one! You sweet Mama! I think of her often! A gracious lady! Didn’t know about your writing! Clapping!

  4. amyc says:

    Yes, I took care of my grandpa who had dementia. It was quite heartbreaking to watch him deteriorate so much, but he did pass before he got too bad. He still had a sense of humor and I just learned to laugh along with him. I would do it again if I had to.

  5. Cinda Trexler says:

    Thank you for sharing your “mama story”. It brought back sweet memories of all the visits I had with me mom at Mathison! Congrats on your book, too! Hugs.

  6. Oh, Sandra, I am so very sorry to hear that about your dear father. My prayers are with you and your family.

  7. Vicki Barwick says:

    my grandmother suffered with dementia and my memories of her
    Were of her great big smile like she might recognize something
    About you. The book looks very intriguing.

  8. Mulino my sweet dad suffers from dementia as well. I am anxious to read your book.

  9. Sunnie says:

    Yes, my mother-in-law and Now my dad is showing signs. I deal the best I can, but it’s a sad thing to see.

    • It is so sad, but we’ve learned to live for those brief moments of hope 🙂 And I am so very often pleasantly surprised by the stories my mother can still tell if I listen hard enough.