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Nancy Mehl

My guest today is Nancy Mehl, an author equally at home with mystery and touch of romance. Nancy is offering to giveaway a copy of her latest title, Deadly Echoes.(US Only please) So be sure to leave a comment. Here’s Nancy:

Strength Through Weakness

In Deadly Echoes, I use my main character’s past as a cornerstone for my plot. Sarah has struggled for years because of the murder of her parents – not only through trying to deal with their loss – but also because she and her sister ended up in the foster care system. Hannah, Sarah’s beautiful sibling, was adopted – but Sarah wasn’t. That situation, along with a careless comment by a social worker, has shaped Sarah’s image of herself. The insecurities born from that experience are still affecting her as an adult – and are center to the events that unfold around her as my story progresses.

Writers use the past

Writers use the past a lot in their novels. Wounded characters help authors create instant connections with readers who can identify with them. Almost all of us have ghosts that whisper from the past. Whether they come from tough situations, memories of people we’ve lost, or even a yearning to revisit a more pleasant time in our lives, we are all shaped somewhat through our previous experiences. If a writer can quickly present a character readers can relate to, it’s possible to form a bond at the beginning of your novel. If you can accomplish that, your readers will want to finish the story because they are emotionally invested.

She’s come a long way

In Sarah’s case, although she’s come a long way by the time the story begins, she is still influenced by loss and insecurity.  As she changes and evolves through conflict, I hope readers will not only connect with her, they will also find something in her developing relationship with God that they can connect to. Strength can come from weakness in our lives, just as it did in Sarah’s. It all depends on us – whether we give into our pasts or believe we can change through the power of God’s love.”–Nancy


To purchase, click here. Deadly Echoes (Finding Sanctuary Book #2)

Thanks, Nancy. Your heroine strikes a chord with most of us. Be sure to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a copy of Deadly Echoes (US Only). QUESTION: Have you ever had to struggle with feelings of inferiority? I have. Have you overcome them?–Lyn


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9 Responses to Author Nancy Mehl & Strength Through Weakness

  1. Nancy Mehl says:

    The devil loves to make us feel inferior, doesn’t he? Those feelings can stop us from stepping out in faith and becoming everything God has created us to be. I hope readers will see Sarah’s struggle as something they can identify with – and that it will help them to see that God’s love is strong and passionate – that He sees them as His perfect and beloved daughters and sons.

    God bless you.


  2. I have definitely had struggles with low self-esteem. I found help through therapy and a lasting and deep relationship with Jesus Christ/God and other Christians who affirmed my worth in Christ.

  3. Michelle says:

    Nancy is a great author. I have enjoyed all her books I have read.

  4. Mary Gessner says:

    This latest book by Nancy Mehl definately hit a tender place with me. Sarah’s struggles with low self-esteem due to a painful past, and her gradual awakening to GOD’S love for her, which changes her perspective on life is a journey many of us share. I LOVE Nancy’s style of writing. She paints such beautiful, descriptive pictures with ordinary, ever day words that bring her characters to vibrant, I can almost touch them, “life.” Thanks, again, Nancy. You bless so many of us in so many ways. I just wish one of Nancy’s books would be made into a movie. Are you listening, Hallmark channel? 🙂

  5. Jackie says:

    Since I have found Nancy Mehl’s’s books, she has quickly become a favorite author. Please Don’t stop writing.

  6. Alyssa Faith says:

    I absolutely delt with feelings of inferiority, but by the Grace of God I have overcome them.


  7. Sonja says:

    This is a book I definitely want to read. I really have enjoyed Nancy’s books that I have already read. Yes, I came to the US as a former German citizen as a child just some years after WWII ended. Although it was over, the kids at school let me know I was different and not as “good” as they were. It was a sad thing. Luckily things are much better now!

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