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  1. You and your husband sound like the mirror image of my husband and me. I’m the bold one! But he has become bolder over the years.

  2. I do think opposites attract, but both parties must give 100% if the relationship is going to work. My husband and I were opposites, but as the years have gone by he now has some of my traits, the same as I have developed some of his. Thank you for introducing this author to me. Look forward to reading her books. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I very much think opposites attract. My husband and I are polar opposites. He is very blunt. He speaks his mind no matter what the consequences. He is bold and not afraid to try new things. Me: I do not like confrontations. I tend to sit back and study a situation before making my mind up. I do not like to try new things. I hold my tongue many times when I shouldn’t. Now after I have had enough, I will then speak my mind. I think it is a good balance. I tend to hold him in line at times and he has challenged me to be bolder. To speak my mind when I feel wronged. Between he and my children, I have become more bold. Recently he has noticed a change in my behavior as well.

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    I agree, some establishments that advertise as tea rooms aren’t really true tea rooms. I didn’t drink hot tea until I spent 3 months in the Czech Republic with my in-laws. They drink it morning, noon and night. 🙂 Now I have it every day. Thanks for the recommendation…Chattanooga isn’t that far. I’m thinking road trip!

  5. Karen, I love tea rooms! That is if they aren’t overcrowded with stuff and nick-knacks and when they actually serve hot tea. I went to one that said it was tea room. They had good food, but we asked for hot tea and the waitress looked blankly at us. She fumbled around, went to the kitchen and eventually came in with something in a pot. We all agreed that she must have heated iced tea and given it to us in a pot! I am shocked at place that advertises itself as a tea room and doesn’t serve hot tea. One of the best tea rooms I went to was in Chattanooga. Wasn’t crazy about the decor, but the people running it were English having moved to America from England. Everything on the menu was English recipes and they served wonderful hot tea. The tea room is in the foyer of the what used to be the Grand Hotel.

  6. I think opposites can attract, but there needs to be some common ground that the two share in order for them to stay attracted. I’m not married, but would think that the two would grow apart eventually if their interests constantly take them elsewhere. By elsewhere I don’t mean cheating on them. I mean spending all your free time with friends or on entertainment/projects that you like, but that the other person has no interest in whatsoever. That kind of thing, though one would find out before marriage I hope. There is a place for doing what the other one loves even if that doesn’t interest you. I guess that would be sacrifice; doing this out of love for the other person. Even then, I personally don’t think I could marry someone unless we had a few things in common that we both enjoyed doing.

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