Plain People Discussion Finale-Author Marta Perry & The Amish — 25 Comments

  1. Very informative post! I always learn so much by reading posts like this. Amish Christian fiction is my favorite genre. I love Marta Perry’s books! I would love to win this one!

  2. I miss my Amish friends!

    I read a number of Amish-based books, they really do lead me to a peaceful state of mind. This book looks wonderful! Thank you for promoting the life of the Amish. They truly are beautiful people.

  3. Thanks for insight into the history of the Amish, Marti. The Amish are a religious sect that I haven’t researched and my knowledge is limited so it was fun reading your answers. I didn’t realize the Amish broke off from the Mennonite sect. I thought it was the other way around–now I’m really showing my lack of knowledge. LOL.

    Love your cover. Good luck to all of you who posted. I know the winner is going to love the book–and for those who don’t win–there’s always the bookstore. 🙂

  4. One of my favorite genres is Amish Fiction and this new book by Marta looks very interesting. Would love the opportunity to win a copy. Christy

  5. I love reading books about Amish. My mother in law, got me a book several years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I am finding new authors and I think that every author does an awesome job of writing to make the reader feel like they are right there in the story!

  6. I love to read Amish fiction! I enjoy learning more about the close knit families and how they work together.

  7. Beautiful cover. Can’t wait to start reading this series. I love reading anything Amish – fiction and non-fiction. I just love their simple way of life.

  8. I love amish books and Marta writes great books.Thanks for the chance to win and read this one.

  9. When I moved to idaho and later on to montana I noticed
    Mennonites and few Amish people. I was interested in learning about their life style . As a Christian I found I enjoyed reading fiction books about them because I could pretty much count on them being clean and non offensive. Having spent time with some plain people I think most books tend to romantasize the life style. I would like to read a book with a bit more balance view. For instance about those who find salvation being ostrosized by their families and leaders. It is very painful. Having said that I still enjoy reading amish fiction.

  10. I really enjoyed reading about the history of the Amish, Marta, and like Lyn, I was surprised at the number of Amish now. I shouldn’t have been, because even here in Kentucky, the Amish communities are growing and spreading into our farming communities. There are places not far from where I live where it’s not uncommon to come up on a horse and buggy on the highways.

    I also really like the cover of your new book, The Forgiven. It definitely promises a story. Good luck to all of you who are leaving comments and have a chance to win your own copy.


  11. Yes, I love the books about the Amish lifestyle. I have read a couple of hundred of these books. My family and I even went to a small settlement in TN.

  12. Thanks so much for the lovely comments, everyone. I really appreciate the way the Amish put their values in the right places: in family, community, faith, and hard work.

  13. I love to read Amish stories. I like learning about the way they live. I like learning about the way they believe and behave. Each story I read helps me to figure out ways to simplify my life and work harder doing it.

  14. I like to read Amish stories. I am looking forward to reading THE FORGIVEN. Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading your books.

  15. Amish stories are my favorite. Amish are simple, hard working people with a deep love for family.

  16. Hi Ladies, love to stop in and view these chats…Amish stories are great and I am happy you chose to start writing more of them Marta. This is a wonderful series name”Keepers of the Promise”, book #1 Forgiveness is a great start too. anxious to read this one. thanks for sharing your thoughts with Lyn.

  17. Stories about Amish people are my favorite. I like their hard work and simple lifestyle. I especially like the way they are both family and community oriented.

  18. I enjoy reading Amish fiction. I enjoy reading about their history, beliefs and their culture.

  19. I love reading Amish books they are my favorite books. I love the simple life they have. I would love to spend a week with them to learn everything they do.Have a bless one!

  20. I do enjy Amish fiction. There is a great variety out there, and some of my favorite authors being Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and Tricia Goyer. I haven’t read any of Marta’s book’s yet, but I’d love to give her a try!

  21. Amish fiction is one of my favorite genres. I enjoy the simple, yet hardworking, lifestyle and the peaceful way of the people.

  22. I love to read Amish stories. I just love their simplistic life style and it’s fun to read stories about them.

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