Strong Women, And a Male Author Who Loves Them — 6 Comments

  1. I look forward to reading your books James. I just discovered you through Lyn’s blog. I have had some brushes with people who think women do not belong in the workplace. I was a fully certified peace officer but worked as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in an East Texas county. I worked with several of the other deputies without any problems. One deputy saw me and the first words out of his mouth was “I ain’t working with a woman.” I thought fine I don’t want to work with you either. As time went on and I worked more and more with the department. The deputy decided that I wasn’t so bad after all. Before I left the department he told me “You could come ride with me.” I was surprised and told him that I got the idea he didn’t want to work with a woman He told me that he had been hurt physically because a woman couldn’t handle a job they were doing (not law enforcement). He didn’t want to get hurt again if I couldn’t handle myself. He had been talking to the other deputies I had worked with and had decided that I could handle myself. I have had other times when my gender worked against me but that was one I truly remember as a hope filled one. Maybe other men will give me a chance.

  2. Thanks for being my guest, James. I’ll announce the winner next week on Monday-I hope. Thanks two both the ladies for weighing in.

  3. Lyn,
    Thanks for sharing this interview with James and James thanks for your perspective. Being a strong woman, who wants to lead and share God’s Word with the world is hard at times. It is encouraging to hear a man cheer us on and not feel intimidated by women who are strong leaders. Thanks for the encouragement, James.
    Deborah H. Bateman

  4. Oh, James, you had me at strong women! Rare is the man who truly appreciates one. Like Lyn, I’ve been so blessed that my darling husband is one of them!
    I’ve been spending time in my Bible studies taking a fresh look at how God really sees his feminine creation. So, needless to say, I love stories about strong women and their journey! Memory’s Door is definitely going on my TBR list for after I finish my current manuscript.

    Thanks for sharing this one, Lyn!

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