Suspense Author Sharon Dunn & Is a Strong Woman Moneywise? — 18 Comments

  1. Great post! Have a grandson about ready for college so I will pass on some of this info. Jenny has made me really want to read your book so please count me in.

  2. Dont enter me I read this book and its one of the best books I have read all year! It kept me up to 2am in the morning cos I just could not put it down (it was actually relevant cos it was cold here and the next day I told everyone about it and the following morning when I collapsed and was so cold I kept thinking of the book even told hospital staff about it).

    Good advise on money. Here its a little different but there is still the fees to pay back. I didn’t go to college/uni/trade school till I was 45 when I went to TAFE which is like your trade school. We have to pay up front for each class etc. I was able to get a concession but it was still a cost I had to save for. The final semester I actually was awarded a scholarship which help pay for the cost the course and allowed me to also purchase office 10. We grew up having it instilled into us that if you cant afford it you do without. Mum and Dad never used credit (they had a couple of shop cards but only bought when they had the money). So they never had a debt and I learnt the same way. I did get a credit card and there were times I wasn’t paying it all off but my limit was only $1000 and the debt was never more than about $100.
    I think many can learn from your advise.

  3. Liz, nursing is a great thing to go into. There always seems to be a nursing shortage. I have a sister who is a nurse. Congrats on getting the degree in August. Good job.

  4. Darlene,
    What an inspirational story. I keep thinking that maybe I will go back for a graduate degree when my kids are up and out of the house. This time though I think I would go to a Christian college instead of a state college. Don’t know if I would have the brain power to do it. But your story makes me think maybe I could

  5. I worked and took out loans too.My daughter got a job this summer and will keep it once she starts in the fall as long as they are good about working around her schedule.

    So many young students get wrapped up in the “social” part of college life and in a way I’m glad that I had to work so I had an excuse for not going to all the parties that were going on. I was a pretty good kid and didn’t drink in high school, but college could have been a different story because the pressure becomes so much greater. Even for some good Christian kids.

  6. After years of working with college students in my job, I would say that you are right. Getting through college is less about being super smart and more about time management and organization.

  7. I agree, sometimes there seems to be a real sense of entitlement with some people. My father dropped out of high school to work the family farm and my mom didn’t finish nursing school. Going to college was a precious gift to me.
    I am still trying to get my daughter to understand that she will have to give up the four dollar lattes if she wants to stay within a budget once she gets out on her own

  8. So smart not to go into debt. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten a degree that you can get fairly quickly like paralegal or LPN and supported myself that way. I did any job I could get in college to pay the bills:, food service, maid, babysitting and even worked for the agriculture experiment station on campus.

  9. Valri,
    First of all, so delighted that you have read all my books. Hearing that never gets old.
    About that college and living frugally. I know I lived on top ramin and samples they handed out at grocery stores. I had a budget of 60 dollars a month for groceries. Don’t know if I could do that now.

  10. I would have to work and pay for it…This book sounds very interesting.Thanks.

  11. I’ll be graduating from nursing school at the beginning of August! I’m blessed that my parents were able to put me through school. Great interview and thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I do have a BSW in Social Work that I earned at the age of 48. My college was either paid by myself or mostly by scholarships that I earned as a result of having a very hi GPA. It was the dream of a lifetime for a small town girl who graduated in the mid 50s and whose parents couldn’t send her!! People should never give up the dream of more education!! I’d love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  13. I went to college and had to get a loan to pay for the tuition up front. I did work a job as well to pay for the loan though!

    Thanks for the great interview and giveaway!

  14. Good advice! I think those that have to work their way through college have a greater appreciation for their education. They also have to learn time management and often have a better work ethic too because of having to pay for school.

  15. i have not gone on to college or trade school, but i think it’s a wise choice when the student decides to work for it, whether by scholarships or jobs. That seems to be missing in many young peoples’ lives these days, the idea of working for what you have. i definitely think that the affluence in Alberta has spoiled many.


  16. I have two degrees. Both times I paid out of pocket myself. The first time I went to college, I worked three jobs to pay for it. I refused to go in debt.
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com.

  17. Great advice, Sharon! I have sent all 3 of my kids to college! At one time they were all there together – talk about financially challenging! But, somehow we made it. Two of them have graduated and just our youngest is left (a junior now). The oldest, however, is just about to start grad school next month! Here we go again! I agree with you though – college is the way to go. Two of our kids had jobs during college and the 3rd had an excellent scholarship that allowed her not to work although she took out a loan for her expenses. All 3 took out loans for the “bare minimum” as my husband & I counseled them and lived frugally during their college years. They are so grateful now as those loans become due (or will become due!) More youth today need that wake up call! I think either working during college or working hard for a scholarship is very important to teach – along with being frugal with what you have. A life lesson that you take with you the rest of you life! It serves you well!
    I LOVE your books, Sharon! Can’t wait to read this one! I’ve read all of your books except this one! 🙂

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