The Leapin’ Deacon by Authors Conrad N. Walker and J. Walker Winslow


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My guest today is a daughter Author MC Walker speaking for her father, Chaplain Conrad N Walker. Here’s the scoop:

“Thank you, Lyn, for the opportunity to share with all of you about my father’s book, The Leapin’ Deacon.  I’m proud of my dad for so many reasons, but I’m particularly proud that he took to heart the encouragement from so many people to write a book with the help of his friend and co-author J. Walker Winslow, about his remarkable life’s journey.  He is a humble man–and has described himself for as long as I can remember as a simple country pastor–so on his behalf  I wanted to let you know that The Leapin’ Deacon is now available as an ebook from Amazon (and in print from Langmarc Publishing at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

 I believe the following description of The Leapin’ Deacon sums up the book best: 

This biography about Chaplain Conrad “Connie” Walker tells of his extraordinary life based on values and dictums garnered during his early years.  He was a champion athlete, a military hero, a spiritual giant, and a dedicated family man. Readers will be uplifted as Connie displays his joy and humor by sharing anecdotes of the growing of a legend.  As a young pastor, Connie felt called to active duty and became a chaplain with the 101st and 173rd Airborne.  He ministered to Sky Soldiers in Vietnam and at home and served as a Command Chaplain in the U.S. and abroad.   Connie Walker is a legend to those who have had the good fortune to know this remarkable man of God.

At Lyn’s suggestion, I asked my father the question, “Was there a time in your life when God challenged you to become stronger?” 

‘First, I know that I was called and I know that I was sent to be a pastor to our troops of all ages and ranks in the U.S. military.  I spent over half of my thirty years on active duty as a “Leapin’ Deacon” or paratrooper chaplain.  Out of many hundreds of jumps with the troops, from 1,000 feet going 150 knots per hour in all kinds of terrain, each time when I landed reasonably safely, there was a surge of strength given by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit’s mission is very great, to call us, gather us, enlighten us, and to preserve and sanctify us.  Jumping in combat in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Sky Soldiers, and ministering to the precious troops, gave powerful strength and a wondrous sense that our mission is vital and important–the mission to bring solders to the Lord and the Lord to the soldiers.  

During a very intense firefight, I went crawling out after the combat wounded.  The Lord blessed me in seeing the faces of my precious wife and five children each time I crawled out.  I thought each crawl would be my last one before I arrived in Heaven.  But the Lord put the very Word of God in Colossians 3:3 on my heart and the assurance that, “Your life is hid with Christ in God,” and I would crawl out after another soldier.  When that dangerous mission was complete, I had a blessed surge of strength, energy, and victory that only the Lord can give.  Incidentally, I had also prayed, “Lord, you can take better care of my family than I can, but I’d sure like to be around to carry out that mission.”  It has been grace upon jubilant grace from that day forward in my daily walk with our Lord Jesus. ‘

I hope you find hope, humor, and inspiration in the pages of The Leapin’ Deacon, and God’s blessing in your own daily walk with our Lord Jesus.”

This is one reason that I am glad to have a blog so that I can highlight books like this one. I’m so glad that now with self-publishing so possible that stories like these can be available to many.

And this is just the first book I am featuring from this family. On Monday, MC Walker, the daughter, will tell us about her inspirational suspense thriller, Blood Son. Thanks for sharing your father’s book with us, M. C. And I look forward to hearing what you have to say about Blood Son.

Do any of you have a family member who has made you proud?–Lyn



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