Author Cathy Gohlke & Does Slavery Exist Today? — 7 Comments

  1. I agree with Cathy that “the work being done needs more press”. I have to confess that until recently I was one of the people who was unaware of human trafficking and the extent of it. I’m thankful that there are organizations such as the International Justice Mission who are working to help victims and people like Cathy who are using their sphere of influence to make others more aware of human trafficking.

  2. i have to agree with what already has been said…Americans (and Canadians) in general, are too self-centered and if it doesn’t touch me, it doesn’t matter; it couldn’t happen here; and because the media doesn’t cover it, it must not exist. We need authors to write about it and bloggers to review them! Thanks Lyn and Cathy

  3. I agree — it is so easy to keep a narrow vision — as long as me and mine are safe (or untouched by this issue), then it doesn’t exist.

    We like to believe that we are enlightened and not blind to the evil around us, but the truth is we are blinded, by the media, by society, by our wishful thinking. We are just as bad as the Germans who lived under Hilter’s rule and the Americans who lived in the mid-1860s when slavery was the norm.

    Someone once said “Unless we stand together, we shall surely fall together.” We need to recognize that human life is precious to God from the moment of its conception to every walk of life. Until that happens, we won’t see change.

  4. I agree, Linda. There’s little coverage and most of what I’ve seen has been done in documentary form through PBS. One way I’ve learned more of what is going on in the world is by listing “human trafficking” on Google Alerts. The information that comes through is heart breaking and sometimes infuriating. So much needs to be done, and the work being done needs more press. I meet people who are surprised that human trafficking even exists. I meet others who say, “I want to help, but it’s so big. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Beginning with one person on one day is taking a first step.

    God bless!

  5. Americans don’t know because of our present media outlets.
    I’m not even sure if Foxnews has written about it.

  6. I believe most don’t want to believe slavery is still happening because sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye then to have to stir the pot of stink and do something about it. Also sometimes it’s easier to believe it’s only in the “big cities” instead of in our own back yards. In either case, we as CHRISTIANS should band together both men & women and stand up for those that are victums of this awful abuse.

  7. Why do you think most Americans don’t know about this problem?
    I think it is in large part due to the sin of selfishness in our society. As long as me and mine are happy and safe and “it” (whatever “it” may be) doesn’t effect us then we are good – seems to be the philosophy of the day.
    Also, I think Americans know about this issue. I think we just choose not to deal with it, because we are afraid of the sacrifices it may call upon in our own lives to become involved in ministry to those involved in these kinds of situations.

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