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  1. Yes – I really enjoy Downton Abbey – the story, the setting and the actors are great! The first time I caught an episode was when I was flying back from England – I didn’t want to watch a full-length film and thought the description in the in-flight magazine sounded interesting! I was happy to find that our local library had the DVD set for both Season 1 and 2. 🙂 (Caveat though – there were a few scenes that we hadn’t anticipated in the show and chose to fast-forward through them.) So neat that you got to visit Highclere Castle!

  2. I *adore* Downton Abbey! My sister lives in Europe (as a teacher at the Kyiv International School), so she’s been able to catch Season 3 already. I must confess that she’s been feeding me spoilers about the next season because I just couldn’t wait until January! ; )

    I am go glad you had the chance to see Downton – in person! WOW!!

    As for my first stop when I do get the chance to visit England. I think I might close my eyes and point to a spot on the map… I’d be content to see anything and everything!

  3. Cathy, I hope to go back. I’ve been told Bath is a must see. There is so many places to visit.

  4. What a wonderful trip, Terri! I LOVE Downton Abbey and all things English! I’ve been to England twice (covering areas from Lincoln to Dover) and used much of what I saw and experienced in my book, “Promise Me This.” I’ve never been to Highclere Castle, and can only imagine . . . If I could go again would love to visit the Lake District–inspiring vistas–and the homes of some of Britain’s poets and authors.

  5. Betti, I want to also go back and visit more castles. I hope to get to Scotland and Ireland too. And I want to visit the English countryside more. I’ve heard that Bath is a must see. On our next trip over I’m going to insist we make there. Our daughter is going to school over in the UK so we will be going back.

  6. Carrie, as we were leaving I kept staring at people trying to see you!
    I’ll stop by your facebook page and see your photos. Was it all just so lovely!

  7. Debra, I hope you have a chance to go across the pond and visit Highclere. Its was so wonderful. I would like to return. I agree, Lady Carnarvon is very savvy indeed.

  8. Yes, Amy, you must try it. You have to start with the first episode because they don’t do a lot of recapping. Its fast paced and fascinating.
    I visited the tower of London on a different visit. Very interesting. Definitely worth going to.

  9. I have not had the opportunity to watch Downtown Abbey, but certainly would like to start. Visiting England many years ago was such a treat. My best memories are of walking through York. However, if I was able to return to England, I think I would like to spend some time in the many beautiful castles.

  10. Hi Terri, I loved seeing your photos and reading more about your trip to England and Highclere Castle. My husband and I also visited Highclere the same day you were there. I was sorry that you tickets were for the morning tour and ours were for the afternoon, and we missed each other….but we both drew inspiration for our stories and saw the same lovely sights. I have some photos from our time in England on my facebook photo page. I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek. Blessings to you on your writing and traveling!
    Carrie Turansky

  11. I try not to miss anything with the words Downton Abbey included. Thanks Lyn and Terri. What a lovely trip that must have been. I imagine it would be pretty exciting to walk around Highclere Castle. I expect some day to do it myself but I’m glad your told us more about Lady Almina. Lady Carnaervon is quite savvy to put the house up for tourism and the income from the show, and write a book. That should go a long way to keep that behemoth in good repair.

    I am completely addicted to this show so of course i say – yes, watch it!

  12. I have NEVER seen Downtown Abby and it sounds like I need to change that! I would love to see Westminister Abby or the Tower of London if I ever had a chance to go to England.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

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