Do You Have a Finger Story? — 4 Comments

  1. Okay, here’s my story. It was summer time. I was home from college sleeping in the basement with my much younger sister. We had an OLD oscillating fan–one that didn’t have very good wire covering the turning metal blade. Well, I was used to turning it off at night–without turning on the light. Then OF COURSE one night i reached over in the pitch black and stuck my middle finger of my right hand into the blade. It was too dark for me to see and I suddenly COULDN’T feel my finger. I thought–you’ve done it now–you’ve lost the last joint of your finger.
    I stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the light (not screaming–didn’t want to wake my sister) and found out that I had only cut the end of my finger. I still had it attached.
    The next day I went to work at the beauty shop and had to wear a rubber sleeve over it to do hair–with my one finger standing straight up!
    That’s my finger story.

  2. I have to say yuck. I am not good with this sort of story. I have to say I have all my fingers. never sliced on off etc. I would say the worst I did was when babysitting and we were using the playground over the road. going down the slide I had my fingers around the edge and I ripped part of it open on the metal. didn’t need stitches (and even if it did I didn’t do drs back then not for stitches) I had the scar for along time but not anymore.

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