Award-Winning Author Valerie Hansen & Grandma Edith — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for your kind comments, Jackie. I often wonder about all the ancestors, known and unknown, who have made us what we are today.

    Looks like I may have only 3 Love Inspired books for release in 2013 but at least many of the prior ones have been made available for Kindle, etc.

  2. My favorite grandparent was my Mom’s Dad (her Mom died before my birth). He always called me his “doll baby” and was very kind, loving to me. He ran a small general store, and when we visited him on Sundays, he would take me in and get snacks. However, he did not believe in opening the store on Sundays so we had to sneak in! He died when I was 14.

    I love Valerie’s books; have read several.

  3. Valerie I loved your story of Grandma Edith, she truly was an amazing strong woman. I am sure she felt honored that you wanted to spend time with her as well as you getting to hear her stories. My grandparents were not close like that, we didn’t see them often, we didn’t get far from home in my growing up years, raised in a small town with many brothers and sisters. thanks for sharing today
    Paula O(

  4. We have one of those cute little coffee shops by our house too. If I went there more I would be in real trouble. Their cookies and bars are wonderful and they have so many flavors of coffee and tea it makes my head spin!

  5. Yes, but now I’ve been to town and had a moche mint espresso so I should be good for all day. I had never tried specialty coffee until Love Inspired assigned me to write about a coffee shop like this for a book coming in Dec. 2013. Research can be fun! And fattening. She sells cookies to go with the fancy coffee.

  6. Thanks for having me visit, Lyn. It did me good to write about my dear grandmother, “Gramma” for short. 🙂 We who live in these days of electronic wonders and instant communication are missing a lot when we bypass the personal touch. I realize the “goog old days” had many drawbacks but I do think many relationships were closer because of it. Hey, now we don’t have to lean across a back fence to gossip!


  7. Loved the story. Val is certainly one of the strongest women I know and a fantastic author. I only ever knew one of my grandparents, my grandfather. Val’s memories make me wish I had the legacy to cherish that she does.

  8. I enjoyed Valerie’s reflections on her grandmother. Both of my grandmother’s showed me a great deal of love but my heart was especially touched by my maternal grandmother. She helped to raise me the first three years of my life and I enjoyed the special things she did for me. One of the most special things that I will never forget is that a few days before she died she shared an endearing story about me while she was in the emergency room. I will always remember this because it was as though she was wanting to share that story one last time and somehow I knew that it would be the last time anyone would tell that story.

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