Regency Author Louise M Gouge & The Strength of Selflessness

My guest today is Regency author Louise M Gouge. She has quite a story to tell and is offering a book giveaway. Here’s Louise:

“When I think of strong women, I always think about my grandmother, who was a big part of my life when I was a child. Let me tell you a little bit about her. To protect the privacy of other family branches, I will call her Lucy and my grandfather George.

 Lucy was a true Victorian lady living in Middle America in the late 1800s (that’s not a typo; she lived from 1875 – 1979). As Christians deeply involved in their church, Lucy played the organ and George served as the Sunday school superintendent. The social expectations of their town were typically Victorian, with a strong emphasis on appearances, so of course Lucy stayed home and kept house while George provided nicely for their family.

 At some point, Lucy decided she wanted to make a little pin money of her own. She began making ladies’ hats (picture those huge feathered Victorian hats!), and her creations were soon in great demand. However, Lucy found out that her business was cutting into the income of “Mabel,” a less fortunate lady in the neighborhood who had been making lovely hats for wealthy ladies for some time. I don’t recall whether this lady was a widow or just that her husband’s income was not sufficient for the family. But Lucy determined that Mabel needed the income more than she did. She shut down her millinery business and referred all of her customers to Mabel.

 What an unselfish action! Think of it. Lucy loved to use her artistic skills to create fashionable bonnets, but she gave it up for the sake of someone less fortunate. What a Christ-like action. What an example to follow!

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 So when I am creating a benevolent heroine for my stories, I don’t have to look any further than my own grandmother to see what makes a woman so generous. In the same way, Lady Beatrice Gregory, heroine of my December 2012 novel, A Suitable Wife, surrenders her own enjoyments in Regency London to minister to those less fortunate. I think my grandmother would like Beatrice.

I would love to give away a copy of A Suitable Wife. Winner must be a resident of the U. S. or Canada and is responsible for all her local laws regarding giveaways.”– Louise

Louise, my greatgrandmother was left without support when her husband died, leaving her with nine children to support. She made lace. Your grandmother’s kindness to this woman would have impressed anyone.

IN ORDER TO BE ENTERED INTO THE BOOK DRAWING–Here’s the question to answer: Have you ever seen someone do a selfless service for another? Please share!

Winners from last week: Kimberly B won an Ebook copy of Johnnie A Donley’s book. And Johnette won Jill Eileen Smith’s book. Congratulations!

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14 Responses to Regency Author Louise M Gouge & The Strength of Selflessness

  1. Bonnie Navarro says:

    My Aunt Ruth is a woman who stands out in my mind as one woman who gave to others and reached out with mercy and charity. After almost finishing to raise her own three children, a social worker who knew her and her husband called her out of the blue and asked if she would house a troubled teen as a foster child for a time until a more permanent situation could be arranged. He graduated high school still living in their home. Other teens passed through their doors. Not all were success stories but all had an opportunity and learned about God’s love while in her ward. My aunt, now widowed and in her middle nineties, is still living in her own home and still a blessing to those who have the blessing to meet her. In her seventies and eighties, she volunteered at the ‘old folks home’, teaching painting and hand crafts to shut-ins. Having been named in part after her, I pray that I can be as much of a blessing to a few as she has been to many!

  2. Paula Osborne says:

    Louise I am impressed by the story of your grandmother, awesome lady. well you should be proud of ancestry like that. My Mom was a stay at home MOM and she worked so hard each day with limited resources. She washed clothes on a wringertype washer -heating the water on stove in basement and then hanging outdoors on clotheslines. She usually had a pot of beans cooking on that stove also for dinner later. She did so much for the family and even found time to bake biscuits and pies. I feel she had few things she did for herself -most was for the family.
    thanks for sharing today Lyn with Louise.
    Paula O

    • Paula, my mother also used a wringer washer and had to heat and carry the water out back to the shed where the washer was kept. One day she found a water mocassin on top of the soaking clothes and coiled around the dasher. Praise the Lord it didn’t strike! She took a long stick and lifted it out and shooed it away. That was in southern Alabama.

  3. StrongWomen says:

    I love to hear about others who selflessly give of their time and effort. My dh is right this minute working at our local food pantry. He’s the doorman–helping people in and out. Today is snowy so he’ll have many elderly that he will run to escort from their cars so they don’t fall and then carry their groceries to their car. I love that man!

  4. What a wonderful testimony to your parents, Johnette. What a blessing to grow up in such a home as that.

  5. Johnette Ferguson says:

    I had the privilege of being raised in a pastor’s home by parents that really had a heart for God. Their mission was always outreach-to meet people’s physical needs and while doing that also meet their spiritual need.
    They taught our entire church what it means to serve others. Many times we all together would get business owners to donate shoes, clothes, and toys. We would all fix and prepare Thanks or Christmas dinner..invite anyone that needed food, or items for their family. Feed them, and give them boxes of food, clothes, shoes, coats and even toys. We all worked together and hard to do this..but we were the ones blessed by it.
    My parents have always been a shinning example of doing for others
    without thinking of themselves. I am so blessed to have them in my life!

  6. Rose, pastors and their wives are some of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. And I was blessed by the pastor’s visit during my few hospital stays. I would bet that your father passed on his selflessness to his family.

  7. Rose Milligan says:

    My dad was a pastor, and I can’t imagine a more selfless person. He gave his time and energy to serving God and the people of his church. He helped others by going to the hospital when church members were sick or having surgery and the like. And he did so much more. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  8. That’s an amazing ministry, Melody. It must take a lot of work.

  9. We have a woman bring over cases of canned & fresh foods for us to hand out at our church in the dump, in Reynosa, MX…every week. She has blessed them so much!

  10. That’s wonderful, Liz. My sister found the same selflessness in the Alzheimer’s support group she was part of during and after our mother’s death. God bless those selfless volunteers.

  11. Liz V. says:

    Volunteers at my cancer support group, cancer survivors themselves, show selflessness daily, with encouraging words, caring, and hard work for events.