Debut Author Johnnie Alexander Donley & Strength Through Waiting — 23 Comments

  1. Lyn, thank you so much for hostessing the book giveaway for Where Treasure Hides.

    Thanks, too, to each of you who left a commented.. I enjoyed reading your “waiting” stories and appreciate your sharing them.

    God bless!.

  2. “it took quite awhile to get used to not being single!” — Kathy, that’s a great line! Commitment and faith are the keys. Wishing you many joyful anniversaries in the years to come.

  3. Like Betti, I had to wait to get married. I was also 33 when I got married, then it took quite awhile to get used to not being single! And while we still struggle financially, our comittment to each other is strong, because of our mutual faith.

  4. Mary, thank you! I had so much fun on the My Book Therapy chat. It was the first time I’d done something like that and you all made me feel so welcome. My best to you with the Frasier.

  5. Kimberly, my heart just gasped reading your comment. Absolutely, that must have been a horrid twenty-four hours. So glad your hubby is retired now and thank you both for the sacrifice and service. I hope you enjoy the story — perhaps you’ll identify with Alison as she waits for WWII to end 🙂

  6. Congratulations and best wishes to Joohnnie on this debut.

    I am still schooling myself that what arrives at the end of the wait is what is appropriate even if not what I expected.

  7. I heard you talk on My Book Therapy Monday night. It was really nice to hear from a new author. Each time we wanna-bees hear a new author tell their story, it encourages. After I get through working on my “Fraiser”entries, I will look for your book! Sounds enchanting and I love history also.



  8. I think it was Lyn Cote who posted info on this and thought I’d check it out- had to add this book to my wishlist for my nook for when I get paid next.
    As for waiting- I didn’t get married until I was 28 and we got married when he got home from a deployment only to learn that the war would start soon and he deployed four months later for another six months. we moved to Alaska (and I am so a southern girl!) and after a year he deployed for a year- during which the Army made me move two blocks over. Once they started returning home we learned by the media that it was canceled and they were extended another four months.
    With media imbedded with troops now, let me tell you that it makes waiting through a deployment so much harder! At one point his unit was bombed live on CNN and we had to wait 24 hours for the families to be notified of the three that were killed (also announced live)… that had to be the toughest 24 hours of my life! Thankfully he retired a few years ago!
    Looking forward to reading this book!!

  9. Waiting. It’s one of the hardest things a person does. But if we can leave the “thing” in God’s hands and enjoy the journey, it’s so much easier. Great post, Johnnie. And thanks, Lynn for hosting her!

  10. Johnnie, its always nice to meet a new author and thanks to Lyn for letting us know about you and your book. I dont read ebooks so don’t put me in the drawing but did want to stop by and give a hello and wish you well in your writing. the story sounds like a good book to read.
    I think I am a pretty patient person, at the moment we are trying to sell our house and move to another state and my patience is really getting tested.
    thanks for sharing today
    Paula O

  11. Yes many times! It’s usually worth the wait. Waiting makes you appreciate things so much more!
    makeighleekyleigh at

  12. Valri, my heart goes out to your son and daughter-in-law. As difficult as it is to understand the why, we can be confident that God is with them . . . and you! My morning devo (interesting enough) was the importance of how we wait — with impatience or confident expectation. Timely for me, and perhaps for you, too. Prayers for you and your family.

  13. I’ve had to wait for several things in my life (some personal that I don’t want to share!) but recently both my son and daughter-in-law graduated college at the same time. My son went on to grad school and my dil was going to work full-time to support them. She is a nurse so thought it would be no problem to get a job. WRONG! After 6 months, still no job, no money and they have a 1 year old baby! All of us were paying their bills and they were SO discouraged! My son was ready to quit grad school and get a job but we all told him “forget it” – it was too hard to GET IT to grad school so just hang in there. My dil finally found a job, just not one she’s terribly thrilled about but at least some money is coming in. It’s hard to know the reasons why things happen sometimes. Hopefully she’s find a better job but right now, our family is closer as we pull together to help them – even though they are 3,000 miles away!

  14. I will say that I waited to get married – I was 33 when we married. It was worth the wait!! We have never had much money, don’t really own anything much, but we have each-other, our daughter and love for the Lora and others.

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