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  1. My husband and I met at a Christian young adult/college group. I sat down across the table from him and read Job 23:10-12 upside down inscribed on his Bible cover. Because it wasn’t a verse that I usually noticed on Bibles, I was interested in him immediately, but more in a friendship/godly fellowship way. He asked me, somewhat sarcastically, if I truly loved God or was just at church to socialize. I replied that I loved God and His Word, and I was memorizing 1 John if he wanted to hear it. He cracked open his Bible, criticized my use of NKJV for memorization (I quoted the first chapter), and we immediately became friends. Several months later, he invited me and everyone else from the young adult group to hear him teach at his church. I was the only one to show up. Afterward, we went to In-N-Out and talked for hours. He stopped coming to the young adult group but showed up to a worship night at my church. I asked him why he hadn’t been coming and he came back the next night, bringing with him a paper he had written on the crucifixion of Jesus, saying that he was busy studying. I returned the snarky attitude by editing the paper. When it came back marked all in red as a joke, he realized I was a reader and brought me books worth of his writing and studying. I edited it all for him and in return, he used it to teach me the Bible. We didn’t always agree theologically (we do now after studying together for so long), but we both grew a lot through that. After that, he invited me to his church to learn Greek in his class. After a while, we were the only ones attending, so we moved it to his parent’s house and continue learning together. Then in the fall, he told me he was going to Bible school, asked if I would edit his application essays, and asked if I would consider going with him. At this point, we were best friends but had not had any sort of romantic connection (although we both later admitted that we really liked each other but thought the other was uninterested). I applied to the college, and we started dating after my dad played matchmaker. We got accepted to the college, moved across country, and got engaged away from home. It was amazing to fall in love in another city, far away from the opinions of everyone else, totally dependent on each other. We came home in the summer, got married, but did not get accepted for the married housing on campus. It was by God’s grace because we switched to online and he was able to graduate within a year. We have now been married for five years, have a beautiful son, and are about to buy our first house!

  2. I met my husband on a blind date set up by my Aunt. We liked each other immediately. A week later he proposed and we were married six weeks later. Tomorrow, September 21, we celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. We just found out yesterday from my husband’s oncologist that his yearly CT scan showed he was still cancer free two years after completing radiation and chemo and several surgeries to rid him of Stage 4 colorectal cancer. That gives us more to celebrate on our anniversary. Thanks to many prayers, we have more time together.

  3. We met on his 29th birthday at a church college and career Friday night event. They had a birthday party for him at the end and there I was taking pictures of this guy I’d just met. ?

  4. met my ex-husband on a blind date my friend Ann set up for us! wasn’t sure about him at first but did learn to love him later on.

  5. My husband and I went to high school together and were friends. We went to each other when we had problems with our significant others. We ran into each other while I was in college at his old girlfriend’s wedding. I called him to talk, we started dating and married when I graduated from college about 9 months later. That was 47 years ago. I think I will hang onto him a whole longer (as long as God allows).

  6. According to my husband and I, we met for the first time in March 1989 (according to me) or August 1989 (according to him.) I was going out with someone else the first time we met and completely blew him off. We met at a large church youth convention and he doesn’t even remember me. Five months later when we were re-introduced and he said he didn’t remember meeting me, I took that as my chance to make a really great “first” impression! We started dating that August and were married about 18 months later. 32 years later he is still the one!


  8. I met him the second day of college. I blew him off at first because I didn’t want to give the whole “who I am and what I’m studying” schpeal. Within a couple weeks I remet him at lunch and we hit it off.

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