Poem “Mother Gone” by Sydney Halet

I decided to join a poetry group on Goodreads.com. I was so taken with this poem, “Mother Gone” that I asked the poet, Sydney Halet, for permission to share it here. She graciously agreed. Here’s “MOTHER GONE.”



by Sydney Halet

I hear your voice rippling through
The stilled pools of my past youth;
It echoes in the caverns
Of my half remembered dreams;
It calls me back again
To yesterday’s careless joys
When my world was young and green.

I hear your voice whispering to
My secret heart of hearts,
Urging me to come away
To a time when I was young,
And spring flowered everywhere,
In sunshine and in shade,
For me to wander through.

I hear your voice calling me
In tones of warmth and love,
Singing in my memory
As only a mother can,
And I’ll come to you again
With outstretched arms
When my winter passes by.

I was really touched by so many of Sydney’s word pictures and sensory touches, especially the references to her mother’s voice. I recall so well my mother’s voice and then the image of running to mother with outstretched arms. If you still have your mother, give her a hug. Mothers and daughters, one of the closest relationships in life. Thank you, Sydney, for a beautiful and evocative poem.–Lyn

If you want to read more of Sydney’s poetry, click here, her Goodreads profile.

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  1. Tea says:

    It’s a very touching poem.